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-Good morning, everyone. So we took a Facebook poll yesterday and asked everyone if they wanted egg tails on post, and we had an overwhelming response. So we’re going film egg tails this morning, and get it up quickly before Easter. We are going to cheat a little bit on this hairdo, because we’re going to have already done half. This hairdo isn’t one that just takes only five minutes. It takes a little bit longer. So we’ve decided to just go ahead and have one side done. So to begin, I parted her hair tip back, honey zigzagged. But you can do a straight part, too doesn’t matter. But I zigzagged on top and then just parted straight down the back. Put it into two ponytails. And then like I said, I’ve already done one side, but I’ll explain it on this side you’re going to divide the hair into basically five parts, and it doesn’t have to be exact.

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Hold on to this for me, OK? You’re going to take a little, teeny, tiny clear elastic, and you’re going to put it into the hair. And you don’t even have to go around like a gazillion times. Just three is fine. And then you’re going to just let it fall to the side. You’re going to grab your next section of hair and another elastic. Put it in this is the part that’s just going to take the most time. And there’s not really a good way to get around it. So same thing take another elastic, put it in, and you can see that we’re developing the little basket the eggs sit in. Adding the elastics pulls the hair tight, so you can see the egg better. It also adds a little grip on the egg and helps hold them in to the hair. OK, so when you have your five elastics, and they’re basically in the same place, then you’re going to just form a little circle, take them, and just take an elastic about inch down from the clear elastics. And this we can adjust as needed. And then you’re going to take your egg.

And I did blue on top, so I’m going to do blue again. And you’re just going to tuck it in to the center of the basket. And then you’re going to just kind of adjust those hair strands so that they’re kind of an even fit all the way around, because you want that to be tight. And then you can pull the elastic as you need to too, on the bottom to tighten it up some more. Now, for added security one option is to take another clear elastic and run it up and put it just right over the top of those others all the way around. This isn’t going to show on the hair from a distance, but it is going to add just a little extra security on that egg. Or you can not do it if you don’t want to either. So there’s your first basket. Now you’re going to repeat the process. Start with your five strands again. Just so you guys know, we have decided today to do mini-eggs. They’re like the little, extra-small ones. We did regular-sized eggs last time, and we were only able to get two in her hair. And we decided we would like to do three eggs this time. So feel free to use either your regular-sized eggs or your minis. And just so you know, if you’re looking for minis before Easter, they’re getting hard to find. I think we went to three or four stores before we ended up finding them in an assorted size pack at Walmart.

So if you want minis, my suggestion would be go hunting for them now. So again, we’re just doing our elastics on our five strands. And we’re almost ready for our next egg. OK, so again, you’re just going to gather it up, take a hairband, and we did pink next. This is a great hairdo for your Easter egg hunts or the Saturday before Easter activities. Not sure I’d do it on Easter Sunday. But it’s a really fun one for school, or for crazy hair day these would be really fun. Again, we’re going to secure it with an extra elastic. And in theory, you really wouldn’t have to put eggs in your hair. I suppose you could put other things in too. Again, we’re going to start with the elastics. So yesterday, this girl my number three and my number four came home from school and found they have a subscription to the “Highlights” magazine they found this cute little craft idea in the “Highlights” magazine, and so yesterday evening their bedroom became their secret lab. And they were upstairs creating these crafts in their secret lab. And I wasn’t allowed in the room. And then last night they came down, and they had this present all wrapped in a gift bag with tissue paper it was super cute and it ended up being really fun. They had taken a tissue box and decorated the sides with some of my favorite drawings flowers and trees, and then they had, done what? What did you turn it into? A pencil box. It was a cute little pen or pencil holder. It was so adorable. OK, here we go again elastic. Take your egg I do tightest point up. I don’t suppose it really matters, but that’s just what I do. Separate the hair around, tighten it down, take another elastic, run it up. And then to finish it all off, I’m just going to add a little ribbon at the top to add a little pop. And there you have egg tails. Now let’s see you be a bunny. Do it again. Good.

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