Most people think of eggs as perfect food. Although an egg white, which contains 16 calories, is almost pure protein, the yolk contains 56 calories and is mostly saturated fat. So if you eat eggs, you should only eat the whites, especially while you are losing fat. For example, if you make an omelet out of six egg whites and a pound of vegetables, your omelet will be 200 calories. However, if you make it out of whole eggs it will be 550 calories.

But not all eggs are equally healthy because most of them are produced by chickens that are given hormones and antibiotics. The healthiest eggs come from chickens that run free and are not fed any chemicals.


Egg whites can be prepared as a snack with bread or vegetables, or they can be added to a main dish, such as a salad or soup. The simplest and easiest way to prepare eggs is to hard-boil them and discard the yolks. The next easiest method is to separate the raw yolks and whites, and then scramble the whites or turn them into omelets. (If you are concerned about waste, you can buy egg whites alone in health food stores, or if you like to garden, you can use the yolks for compost.)

Again, feel free to play and experiment with these recipes. Eating egg whites does not have to be boring; its what you eat with them that makes them flavorful. Here are some recipes for making egg white dishes. You can alter the proportions or spices as you wish, so long as you stay within The Happy Body guidelines.

Winning the Sugar War

Helen Scheffler (56-year-old interior decorator) started The Happy Body program expecting to fail. After all, I’m not an athlete, and I’ve been addicted to sugar forever. Although I had been thin most of my life, I was resigned to my ever-increasing menopausal spread.

Fortunately, Jerzy and Aniela know more than I do about health and fitness, so thanks to their diet, exercise, and meditation plan, I stopped craving sugar only two days.

It’s now three years later, and I’ve not only kept off the pounds but lost what Jerzy calls my “winter coat of blubber.”

I’m still not athletic, but the exercise plan is not difficult it only takes a small part of my day and I can tell the difference in the way I feel and move. I intend to follow the diet and exercise regimen for a long time to come.

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