Eggs And Weight Loss

EGGS And Weight Loss

Eggs are a symbol of life. The chicken comes before the egg alphabetically but the egg is first in protein availability with the highest Net Protein Utilisation (NPU) of any food at 93%; chicken has an NPU of 65%.

One large egg contains approx. 6g of protein and 90% of the protein is useable by the body.

To obtain all your daily protein from eggs would be more than difficult; it would be harmful, mainly due to the cholesterol. The average adult requires 45-55g (approx.

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) of protein per day in egg terms that is about eight eggs. But the main problem with excess egg intake is cholesterol: eight eggs supply nearly 1700mg.

The recommended daily maximum of cholesterol, per adult, is 300mg. People cannot live on eggs alone. One large egg contains approx. 200mg. Of cholesterol, or two-thirds the daily limit.

Enjoy your free range eggs and carefully manage your intake.

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