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Hello how are you all doing today’s hair tutorial is gonna be a party hairstyle, I know a lot of you ladies have a lot of holiday parties to attend work parties and a lot of Auden’s and you know special occasions for this upcoming season.

So, I thought it would be great to do something a little fancy a little different and a little more glamorous, I am actually attending a wedding soon in about a week, I think and yeah, I thought of a way to wear my hair which will still be simple but be a little different you know usually, I wear my hair in big waves but today’s hair tutorial is gonna be tighter waves and you know but we’re also gonna use a few accessories and you know it’s just gonna be something a little different and very feminine and beautiful. So let me just get into this hair tutorial and tell you what you’re gonna need for it you’re gonna need a hairbrush obviously you’re gonna need some hairspray you know, I love Elnett L’Oreal hair spray some hair accessory I’m using these cute flowers that, I got at H&M for like $5 we’re also gonna need a heat protectant today I’m using GHD heat protectant and you’re definitely gonna need some clips and lots and lots of bobby pins oops lots and lots of bobby pins all right. So oh, I forgot to say of course we’re gonna need a curling iron and, I think we’ve mentioned this million times before me and Layla will off cortex.

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So this is the forum one this barrel is three and four quarter inch barrel and it’s great for some it’s great for soft curls all most ways you’re gonna see the look I’m going for today and yeah this is really beautiful and this is perfect for our tutorial. So what I’m gonna do is to start this tutorial is just brush my hair and, I am wearing my Alexei hair extensions today as you guys can see right now, I wear chocolate brown number four because my hair just washed out and it became a lot lighter than what it used to be, I was up black before 1b. So for this hair tutorial, I am not wearing any west on this side because, I want to leave them with, I don’t want any weft or any clips showing as I’m gonna be pulling the hair and it’s gonna be pretty tight here.

So, I don’t want that to be showing and, I still have an up here to work with because, I you know, I still use everything else but the website go on this side. So what we’re gonna do yet like, I said before it’s just brush through the hair. So what you’re gonna do is start off this tutorial but just by just twisting the side of your hair and you’re gonna just grab a section of your hair here at the ear and start twisting it lightly and just twist it over your hair, I hope you can see what I’m doing alright.

So you’re gonna have something like this and then just grab a few bobby pins and start pinning this section down alright. So you’re gonna have something like this when you’re done and then pushing all the hair on this side and spraying it with JHD heat protectant, I already sprayed it I’d like to do before, I do my hair. So it kind of dries on the hair it takes like a couple of minutes to dry.

So spray this generously on your ends because you don’t want any split ends on your hair or on the extensions and then just grab a small section here at the bottom and we’re gonna start curling, I was trying this look before on a few weft that’s why you can see it’s already curled this section is already curled but um I’ll show you again what, I did. So you just grab the cortex and you wrap it around away from your face and just hold it for like 15 seconds that’s usually how we’re going to take, I hold it for and then after 15 seconds are done you just release it and you get a nice pretty curl something like this it’s beautiful and you want to do the exact same thing on the rest of your hair it’s really simple especially because you’re not curling all the way from the top you kind of start here you kind of start in the middle of the hair closer not too close to the ends but kind of in the middle of the hair. So you brush it and just curl it away.

So we’re finally done curly all the hair, I kind of time myself to just to see how long it’s gonna take me and it took me about 17 18 minutes to curl all of this which is not bad at all if you’re gonna go and get your hair done at the salon it’s probably gonna take them to do here for about an hour or. So so you know sometimes it’s actually faster and easier to just get your hair done at home and you know it won’t cost you anything and it will look even better than you know getting into done at a salon but anyways now that you’re done curling all the hair what you want to do is spray it lightly with Elnett hairspray and, I just love this curls it’s just. So nice but we’re not done yet.

So once you spray that all what you want to do is grab the hair accessory and, I showed this in the beginning of the tutorial again like, I urge you to use a lot of hair accessories because it just makes the whole look a little edgier a little you know a little more glamorous a little more fancy. So why not you know you can get hair accessories that pretty much anywhere you can probably get them at Walmart hmmm I’ll do you know there’s. So many stores that carry hair accessories and it just it just takes your whole look to a new different level.

So I’m gonna just grab my bangs and um what I’m gonna do is just kind of clip them up just show you what I’m doing. So I’m just gonna clip them up with this flower and, I have another one and I’m gonna clip it up right underneath and that’s it that’s pretty much the whole look you’re going for, I hope you guys enjoyed this hair tutorial thank you. So much for reading you know definitely try it out because it’s it’s just it’s just really feminine and girly and it’s perfect for you know for an evening out wish you guys a wonderful holiday season there’s gonna be a lot more tutorials please don’t forget to rate this post down below and, I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you guys soon bye you.

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