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Influence of Competition

According to Tara Scanlan, a UCLA sport psychologist, competitive sports can be beneficial to youths. Sport can be used to teach a great number of desirable things: how to master skills and the satisfaction that follows; good general work habits and cooperation; how to break down racial and class prejudices; how to build respect for and responsibility toward other people, she says.

Rainer Martens, a former college football player, semipro baseball player and coach, and a pioneer sport psychologist, adds,

There are 30 million children and probably as many adults who are sometimes involved in competitive sports. Some may be pushed into them by peer pressure and, thus, may experience more stress than they should and won’t get the benefits they might. athlete training program pdf But it seems plain that most people compete at games voluntarily because it gives them pleasure. Not for all and not all of the time, but often and for many people, sport is a major source of joy and therefore, on balance, is useful to them and to society.

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The playground is often a key incubator for the best athletes, psychologist Robert W. Grant says.

Moving to the streets or the playground is an important step for every child . Through play, they begin to develop physically and mentally, and understand how people interact and get along . elite level definition The rules of the environment are duplicated in their play off interactions. The rules of ghetto ball are pretty much the same as those of ghetto life; strength, style, effect, and intimidation are the rules of playground basketball. The court is a semisafe replica of the streets. elite athlete training program example Similarly, through play, children begin to rehearse and develop muscular, emotional, and psychological capacities.

You learn survival in the ghetto playgrounds like you do on the streets, says John Shumate, former Notre Dame and NBA player, who grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where an ominous sign was posted on an outdoor basketball court: Don’t Go On These Courts Unless You Are Hostile, Agile, and Mobile. Basketball gave me my motivation and drive, to go out and graduate from school, then from college. After his playing days were done, Shumate was motivated to get a head coaching job in college, then as an assistant in the NBA.

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