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PETER ANDRE HAS ENDURED YET ANOTHER WEEK FROM HELL THANKS TO STRICTLY COME DANCING, and now a source has exclusively revealed to new! that his doting young wife Emily MacDonagh is struggling to cope with the pressure. The 26-year-old doctor looked on proudly when Pete, 42, earned the highest score of the competition so far for his Charleston on November 7, but sources have revealed behind the scenes she’s been left shaken by the increasing barrage of abuse – including claims he’s “fake” – ever since. “Emily finds it so hard to see Pete coming under attack,” we were told. “She knows what a wonderful guy he is and she doesn’t want to hear people bad-mouthing him.”

After Pete’s impressive performance with dance partner Janette Manrara, judge Darcey Bussell heavily insinuated the singer was acting up to his Mr Nice Guy image. “He’s a natural performer, but he always plays Peter Andre. I wanted to see somebody else and finally he’s playing someone else,” she said of his dance. One fan agreed with Darcey, writing online, “That judge saw through you, Pete!” Shortly after the dance, which earned him his first two tens, he was also attacked on social media. One viewer said, “Cannot deal with how fake and cheesy peter Andre is,”* while another added, “Hope he leaves soon, just so bored of his fakeness and over cheesiness.” Worst of all, Lord Sugar then weighed in, slating our columnist to his 4.6 million Twitter followers. During the results show, he said, “Peter Andre gets on my wick.

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He is so smug and thinks he is the winner of Strictly.” Even judge Craig Revel Horwood couldn’t resist sticking the knife in, sniping, “It takes [Pete] twice as long to learn a routine.” And our insider said Emily, who Pete described as his “good luck charm”, is struggling to cope with the effect the criticism is having on her hubby. “Every cell in her body is screaming at her to protect her husband from this vile situation,” said the source. “She knows he’s no fake, so this is particularly hard to take. In a way it would be easier if Pete wasn’t so sensitive. He’s incredibly thin-skinned for someone who makes a living in showbiz, and lately Pete’s been in a real state.

“She desperately wants to speak out. Some of the attacks are totally unfair and Emily feels that if only people could see how much it upsets Pete, they would think twice before speaking.” Our insider continued, “But at the end of the day, she knows that would only fan the flames, so she has to zip her lip and just keep on smiling for Pete. The last thing she wants is for him to start worrying about how it’s affecting his wife.” When we asked our columnist how he felt about the personal attacks, he told us, “I know you have to understand that there will be bad press as well as good. That’s just the name of the game – it’s all banter. Take Lord Sugar for example. He had a pop at me on Twitter last week, but my only thought was, ‘Well, I guess sugar isn’t always sweet, I’m swapping to sweetener.’” However, despite his attempts to brush off the slurs, our source revealed the singer is hurting, telling us, “He’s finding the pressure of Strictly to be far worse than he’d imagined.

According to Pete, it’s tougher to start as favourite because everyone’s waiting for you to fail. That pressure makes him even more tense, so he makes mistakes or rubs people up the wrong way and it only gets worse. This is a vicious circle and Emily doesn’t know what to do to break it.” At the beginning of the show on November 7, eagle-eyed viewers spotted Pete seemingly having a row – thought to be with someone in the audience. The fleeting moment revealed the pressure that he’s under, and was followed by reports that dance-floor rival Jay McGuiness lost his temper with Pete over comments he allegedly made about Jay’s friendship with professional dancer Aliona Vilani.

Pete reportedly offered the former boybander advice about “toning down” his relationship with the Russian dancer, leading Jay to tell him to “back off”. Eek! But it’s the reports that he may miss out on winning the Glitterball trophy due to him being unable to sign up to the forthcoming Strictly live tour that are the most upsetting for our columnist. Pete was rocked when former Strictly dancer James Jordan had a pop at him over it, claiming Pete’s decision to snub the tour early next year will affect his chances of winning the show. “I’ve never seen a champ not do the tour,” he commented. James lashed out after a report claimed Pete had been in tears over fears bosses have it in for him because he won’t take part in the tour, which finishes just two weeks before his Come Swing With Me tour kicks off on February 29 in Leicester.

A source claimed, “Pete believes he’ll be denied the Glitterball as they want the winner on the tour at all costs.” The theory was given further weight when he was scheduled to dance first on the November 7 show – the notorious “graveyard” slot. However, Pete – who has a daughter, Amelia, 22 months, with Emily – denied the story, telling us there have been no tears backstage. He added, “I’d love to do the Strictly shows as well [as the tour].” And at least the stressed star can rely on his wife for comfort and support. Our source said, “Ultimately, Emily knows this crisis will pass. Yes, it’s a tough time, but this is temporary. They have their whole lives ahead of them and the one thing she never doubts for a second is that Pete adores her and Amelia. They’ve only been married four months but it’s already been a rollercoaster ride.” You can say that again!

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