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Driving operational excellence It is always advisable to assign teams for all the areas of function for smooth salon management. We have teams for training, marketing, accounts, warehouse, customer care, human resource, and others. At the end of the day, they report to me and I personally manage every aspect of the business. We have customised software for all the functions, like, billing, database, and others. We prioritise client servicing and thereby, our customer care team calls up every client for a post service feedback. This helps us to identify our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

Hiring and training The recruitment team of the brand drives the hiring process which I micromanage. Emma Roberts

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I conduct the final round of interviews to review the applicants and ensure that our philosophies and visions are in sync. For hairstylists, our prerequisite is a minimum three to five year’s experience. As we are an education driven brand, once an applicant is on board, they undergo a 15-day training, post which our training team conducts sessions for the stylists Emma Roberts every month.

Views on the salon industry The salon industry in India is witnessing an exponential growth, and can be attributed to several factors like, growing awareness amongst people, influence of social media, raised affordability, international collaborations, global impact, to name a few. However, education is still an area of concern. More academies with skilled trainers is the need of the hour.

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