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‘To tighten the loose skin where my double chin used to be, and to give my lower face a lift, I opted for a non-surgical THE BRIDESMAID dots where she inserted the needles. Emma Stone’s Dr Manning told me the threads have a dual action; they lift and reposition the tissues, and stimulate collagen inside the skin to maintain the lift for up to 18 months.

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Emma Stone was advised not to wear make-up that day, as my skin did feel quite tight, and I stuck to soft food as chewing was tender. Straight after the procedure I met friends, who kept telling me how well I looked. The next day I had a slight facial swelling, but this only lasted a day or so and when I looked at myself in profile I saw an instant result with my lifted jaw line.

I’ve always shied away from the camera, but at my sister’s wedding the treatments gave me the confidence to be included in all the photos – it was a relief not to have to lower my chin or hide behind my hair. I hadn’t seen some of the guests for years, but everyone told me I hadn’t aged a bit. If only they knew!’

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