Emma Watsons Casual Yet Classy Boho Updo – Short Hair Friendly

Hey girls Abbey Harris today. I have enough – inspired by Emma Watson. I think it's a red-carpet event that she wore this it was one of the premieres for one of the Harry Potter movies. I don't remember which one this one can be done on straight here.

So you don't have to curl up first which is fan-freakin tastic oh you can do it with curly hair as well just make a little bit more messy, and boho you can also do it with short hair which is great as long as you can get your hair into like a little messy bit in the back here good to go. So that's good for you girls with short hair out there as well. I do want anyone to say, I'll sorry this has tons of bobby pins in it.

And I know you guys are kind of scared of bobby pins but that's kind of the nature of updo. So, I'll sorry we've got bobby pin that, and yeah that's it. So thank you further ado, I'll going to go ahead, and roll this tutorial.

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