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To disguise a general fullness around the tummy and hips, you need to keep skirt lengths to at least below the knee, or longer to mid-calf. Cutting off above the knee will visually keep you short and emphasize bulk, rather than drawing the eye down to elongate the body.

If you have good calves and ankles, show them off with a shapely pencil skirt rather than something flouncy. If you have crepey knees, choose a style that covers them. The effect is just as sexy.

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Some people say a universal has more reality than its particulars.

For instance, if you destroy one red object, you have not destroyed redness. If you break a glass, you have not destroyed the glassness,  because there are innumerable red objects and innumerable other glasses. What you have destroyed is a particular red object or a particular glass.

This is really not very important because it is all still part of vikalpa. Even the redness of the object, in some ways, would be part of our vikalpa. The universal aspect is still part of vikalpa, because we decide that something is red, not the object itself.

The object does not reveal itself as being either universal or particular. The human being actually decides what is what so that we could have a very neat world. All objects that share the same or similar characteristics can be classified under a particular category, but it is up to us to make that decision.

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