European Butter Lettuce Salad

Serves 1 to 2


2 cups of butter lettuce, hand shredded

1 European cucumber, sliced

2 tomatoes, quartered

1 bunch of radishes, sliced

1 yellow pepper, sliced

1 bunch of scallions, chopped

European Butter Lettuce Salad Photo Gallery


Mix all the ingredients gently in a bowl.

Add salad dressing.


1 bunch of dill, chopped

1/4 cup of organic apple cider vinegar, unfiltered

4 tbsp of rice wine vinegar

2 tbsp of olive oil salt and pepper

Mashed Cauliflower (Faux Mashed Potatoes)


Cut the cauliflower into florets.

Steam or microwave until the florets are soft (about 8 minutes).

Place the steamed florets and garlic into a food processor.

With the machine running, add the broth and milk until the mixture is smooth.

Place the mixture in a sauce pan.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Simmer on the stove to reheat.

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