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The skinny on those jeans

The skinny jeans trend just won’t die. Chances are you’re wearing a pair yourselfwhile reading this. But still in‚ as they are, skinnies also pose alarming bodily harm if we’re not careful about how and where we wear them. Earlier this year, doctors warned against the famed cut ofjeans after it left a 35-year-old Australian woman hospitalized for days, reportedly diagnosed with muscle damage and swelling in her legs after she’d spent a whole day helping a friend move house in her skinny jeans.

How can an honest pair of everyday jeans injure so badly? Armando Bajacan, Jr., Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, cites the tightness of fabric as the chief culprit. In extreme cases, its inflexible fabric contributes to a poor range of motion.‚ As a result, circulation is compromised, he explains , through impingement of blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve irritation, and tissue restriction.‚ Manifestations include tingling, pain, swelling, or numbness in the legs.

Though research shows this happens rarely, just to be safe, go for skinnies in softer, breathable, comfy materials. Stick to leggings or lounge pants on occasions that call for heavier physical activity to let blood flow freely through your veins and prevent any unwanted body aches, or worse, loss of sensation in your legs.

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