Healthy cuticles equal healthy nails. Do not cut your cuticles, but instead apply cuticle oil to your nails daily to prevent hangnails and keep your nails hydrated. Because we use our hands so much, our nails are prone to drying, splitting, and peeling. Much of this is also related to our diet, and, of course, a whole balanced diet is always recommended, but a good cuticle oil can also do wonders.


In the evening, use your seasonal oil (section found on here) to hydrate your nails. Place a drop on each nail of your hands and feet and massage the oil into your cuticle. Not only will this hydrate your nails, but theyll also look shiny and healthy. Healthy cuticles promote healthy nail growth.

Since each of the seasonal oils contains fragrant essential oils, I find its nice to begin this ritual with a breathing exercise. Before your apply the oil to your cuticles, cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe in deeply through your nose to the count of six; exhale for six. Repeat three

times and notice your body relaxing and letting go.

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