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FAMILY CONNECTIONS I come from a long line of Aerin women. My four sisters and I each represent a mood and time of year, providing a different experience and memory with each fragrance. My sister Gardenia Rattan exudes the fresh fragrance of a perfect summers day. Amber Musk is infused with warm, inviting scents, reminiscent of cosying up to the fire on a cold winters day, while Lilac Path emerges from a long winter, capturing the essence and spirit of spring. Ikat Jasmine is the most independent of us all, personifying the modern woman “ she is a fragrance that can stand on her own and is wearable all year round.

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY The pairing of rose and Cognac is intriguing and unexpected, as alluring as an evening in the city. “ Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative Director, Aerin I adore this scent because it reflects the Lauder familys love of roses and because it is inspired by a woman both strong and feminine. “ Lulu Ndevu, Brand Manager, Est©e Lauder GO TO ELLE.CO.ZA to see the Aerin fragrance campaign video .CO.ZA WHO AM I? I am like a lingering memory of an unforgettable evening. I tell an intriguing story that is both vibrant and juicy. My playful character imparts soft warmth as my alluring elixir takes you from day to night.

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THE BOTTLE Inspired by Aerin Lauders modern aesthetic, my chic, rectangular bottle is capped with a beautiful gem-like stone in pastel purple. Our packaging features fabric designs from Aerins own Aerin for Lee Jofa fabric collection. The carton that houses me is dressed in the ethereally pretty Hither.

NOTA BENE / ON THIS NOTE One whiff of me will send you on an unexpected sensory journey. My unusual blend of sweet blackberry and rich Cognac contrasts with my voluptuous notes of Rose Centifolia and Bulgarian Rose Absolute, and will surprise any woman who is drawn to me.

THE FACE As in all Aerin campaigns, Aerin Lauder features as the face of her own collection. Set against the backdrop of Palm Beach, Lauder is dressed in an ethereal Valentino dress, delicately embroidered with flowers. With elements of ease, heritage and modernity, what better face to use than the creator and inspiration behind the fragrances herself.

THE AERIN WOMAN She is beautiful in so many ways. The epitome of the modern woman, she is strong and assertive, yet feminine. She lives a life of luxury, never taking anything for granted. Her love for life is unparalleled as she walks with her head held high and her heart on her sleeve.

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