Every High Fashion Make-Up Look From Backstage At Fashion Week SS19

So while I was cleaning my room I found that I had maybe a million water bottles. Haters will say I’m lying. So while I was about to recycle all of them, I was like, hey, imagine people could make stuff out of these. I know a lot of people make stuff out of water bottles, but this was the thought process that went on. If your house is one of those houses that just throws out the water bottles, don’t throw them out, don’t put them in landfills. Make make-up out of them. We we we have fun here on rclbeauty101. Give this post a thumbs up and let’s see if we can it too 400,000 likes for our Earth and not destroying it. And comment down below which make-up product you would make if you made this.

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To make the eyeshadow, cut off the cap area of the water bottle. Then, cut off the bottom half of the water bottle. Then, cut a circle out of the bottom. And take a hot glue gun and hot glue the two pieces together. Then, that’s the container. And then, take something to mix the product in and some baby powder and pour it into the mixing container. Add a few drops of whatever color food coloring you want.

Every High Fashion Make-Up Look From Backstage At Fashion Week SS19 Photo Gallery

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