Every Option Tried to Get Rid of Pain

Have you ever experienced a constant, nagging pain throughout your entire body? It is surely not something I would wish upon anyone. Muscle pain or body pain is a hassle to most, yet, if you travel frequently, it can be a lot worse if you have to struggle with pain.

One of my best friends it a travel writer, and even though she stays in South Africa, I see her about 3 or 4 times a year. She frequently attends events in New York and has seemed most of the States and the world. She has according to me the best job in the world, however, she has been battling for the last 6 months with extreme pain. The pain started out in her legs and arms but has now basically spread through her entire body.

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She said that she went to see a couple of different doctors in SA but all agreed that there is nothing wrong. Each gave her medications to use; some took x-rays but nothing seemed wrong and nothing was working. So, I suggested she come see a specialist here in New York.

I made an appointment and took her to the doctors office the same day she arrived here. We arrived at the doctors office and everyone, as usual, was very friendly, you see I also use this doctor. She explained to him what happened and how it started. The doctor sent her to have some x-rays done first. He took a look at them and asked if she has previously had an accident of some sort.

She was quite surprised as she had a back injury in a car accident about six months back. Yet, the doctors said it wasnt serious and she wasnt in much pain or off from work that long. Her recovery was about a week. Yet, she did at times experience some pain in her lower back. The doctor suggested that she has a couple of more tests done just to be sure.

He said that he wanted to do another 2 or 3 tests just to be on the safe side. These diagnostics examinations included an EMG (Electromyography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and a CT “ Scan.
She asked the doctor how they knew what treatment to use? He said that the treatment she receives will be decided only after he knows everything about her health and if she has any other medical problems. In the meantime, he had placed her on some pain medication and said we should apply a process called R.I.C.E. which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation.

The tests actually went quick, within 2 days we had all tests done and could revisit the doctor for the results. The doctor said that she seems to have a nerve pinching between two of her lower vertebraes.

He said that there are a number of different treatment options such as surgery, regenerative medicine, interventional pain management, physical rehabilitation, or chiropractic rehabilitation, as well as some other treatment options. However, he suggested she needs a minimally invasive spine surgery to correct the problem and once done, they could see if any other treatment would be required.

He said if she preferred, she could try other management options they use. He said they could first try Corticosteroid Injections and (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma treatment if she preferred.

She decided that she will first try this new treatment and see if it works for her. We scheduled for the treatment and after the treatment, her pain started to subdue. Within a couple of weeks, her pain was gone. So, she went home to continue with her life and work with no worries of pain.

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