Sunning is an exercise that is very soothing and easy to do. It is best done out of doors on a sunny day, but it can be done on a cloudy day outside or even while looking out a window. Sunning helps to rebuild the retina while it improves your psychological and emotional state. It also accustoms the eye to light and reduces photosensitivity. Some experts advise sunning with open eyes.

I do not advise this under any circumstances.

Sunning should be done with firmly closed eyes. Then, while facing the sun, slowly turn your head from side to side. As you turn your head you will see the


image of the sun move across your closed eyelids. It is probably best to do this exercise in the early morning with the rising sun or in the evening when the sun is setting. you should avoid the hours between 11:00a.m. and 2:00p.m. when the sun is at its brightest. Sunning should always be followed by a brief period of palming.

Sunning should be approached gently at first. Build to a comfortable level until you are doing it twice daily for ten minutes at a time. It is possible that at some point vivid after-images will be produced by sunning. This is not a problem. The images can provide a strong focus for the attention and be very relaxing, but palming should be continued until the images have entirely disappeared and the field has returned to normal.

Slow and rapid blinking

This is a simple way to quickly relax your eyes anywhere, any time. It increases the production of tears, and tears deliver nutrients as well as moisture to the eye. Both are needed for good sight. Relax by focusing on your breath. Blink freely and often. Occasionally squeeze your eyes shut for a few seconds. This allows them to rest and shift focus. Alternate your rhythm of blinking so that you do it slowly and rapidly.

Squeeze blinking helps you produce tears whenever you need them to lubricate your eyes as well as bathing your eyes in nutrients. Squeeze your eyes shut for the count of three. Open your eyes wide. Relax the eyes and blink a few times.

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