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The student athlete

Are you good at arithmetic?  Golfer Les Strokes asked a youngster who had offered to caddie for him.

Yes, sir,  the boy answered.

Then how many are four andfive and three?  Strokes asked.

Nine, sir. 

Come on,  Strokes said. Youll do fine! 

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Intelligence and athletic ability

Would you be surprised to learn that professional athletes are more intelligent than the average person?

Pro football players, for instance, score in the top quarter in IQ tests, according to Michael Murphy and Reah A. White in their blog The Psychic Side of Sports.

They have to be smart. Just look at how complex the games are at the professional level. In addition, everything happens so fast in professional sports that you have very little time to think.

You have to be smart just to make it to the pros.

How intelligent do you suppose a person has to be to become a superstar?

Becoming a good athlete takes both mental and physical learning. You have to learn the plays, the rules, the strategy. You have to learn to perform the correct actions with your body.

The ability to learn is especially important to student athletes, now that many school districts have instituted no pass, no play rules. But even if you are not subject to this kind of rule, it is still valuable to be a good learner because the same skills that make you a good student will help make you a better athlete.

Whether you are trying to figure out batting averages or which pro team is offering you the best financial package, the more educated you are, the better chance you have of arriving at the right answer.

And if you want to go into the business world or profit from your achievements once your athletic career is over, youd better have enough education to handle the job.

The truth is, the need for learning never stops. With that in mind, we have several tips and workout and fitness techniques in this Exercise that you can use to improve your ability to learn and remember what you need to know.

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