Exercises To Banish Belly Fat

These are another great choice is a healthy eating plan. Chia seeds are not part of the same family of seeds that we find in grains and legumes so they’re fine to eat.

Citric Acid. We often find it used as a preservative in canned produce and in jars of preserved foods. Amongst all the harmful substances that are used as food additives, citric acid stands out as one of the few products that is completely acceptable.

Coconut water. It’s naturally sweet and delicious but you must check the label to make absolutely sure there is no added sugar. It is not a substitute for fizzy drinks so it’s important to limit your consumption. And it isn’t a replacement for your daily quota of water. But it is on the good-to-have list so it’s OK to drink and enjoy.

Coffee is good for you. Pure, organic coffee is a potent anti-oxidant and has been linked to a variety of health benefits. Just make sure you don’t add sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavourings or milk.

Chocolate is an addictive substance and is the drug of choice for many people. But if you opt for the sugar-free, dairy-free, dark varieties with at least 70% cocoa, you can enjoy your addiction – always in moderation! – With a clear conscience.

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