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Gold medal in elocution contest

Wildan Jan G. Cabactulan, a 10-year-old fourth grader at Southridge school in Manila, the Philippines, reported the following success story. (Thanks to Judy Qua, our lecturer in the Philippines, for letting us reprint this story from her blog, Everyday Miracles and the Exercise Method.)

I was an honor student in my previous school from up to Grade 1. I transferred to my present school when I was in Grade 2.

On my first day in my new school, our teacher started writing on the blackboard in script. I looked around and was surprised to see my classmates copying in script! I could already read letters and words in script at that time, but we had not yet been taught in my previous school how to write them.

My present classmates learned scriptwriting gradually. According to my seatmate, they started writing in circles since they were in Prep. They had plenty of time to practice. But for me I had to do it all at once! I had to adjust to a new school, new teachers and new classmates.

I had difficulty finishing my notes in the classroom so I had to spend my break time and playtime copying notes from my classmates. During quizzes, even if I knew the answers, I got low scores because I was not able to finish them For long tests and quarterly exams, I had to go to school on Saturdays. Sometimes, my fingers, hand and wrist would ache. I had to rest them first before proceeding to write again.

The comments of some of my classmates made me sad. They called me slowpoke, At the end of the school year, I passed all my subjects but didnt make the honor roll.

One summer vacation (1992), my parents, who are Exercise Method graduates, enrolled me in the Exercise Method for Children. I was so happy to receive my Exercise Workblog, Exercise Pin, Exercise Prize and a bag full of new tricks like the Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique, the visualization workout and fitness technique, Glove Anesthesia and many others. I leveled often and used the Exercise Method workout and fitness techniques whenever I needed to.

When school opened, what I visualized came true. The teachers and classmates assigned in my section were good and nice. The bullies went to other sections. My writing improved. My speed improved. I felt better and better. At the end of the quarter I was overjoyed to see my name in the principals list! I have been in the principals list since then.

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One time, we had an elocution contest, the Battle of the Champions. The piece was given to us one week before the contest. When I received it on a Tuesday, I was not able to start memorizing it because I had unit tests on Wednesday and Thursday. I only had time to read it Thursday after classes, get the meaning of the difficult words from the dictionary and practice the proper diction and expression. Friday after school up to Sunday morning we had Boy Scout camping.

When I arrived home Sunday afternoon, I was so tired and sleepy. I went straight to bed. When Monday morning came, two days before the contest, I hadnt memorized a thing. My parents advised me to back out. I didnt want to back out because my classmates and I wanted our class to win and it was too late to get a replacement.

The piece was The Charge of the Light Brigade. It has six stanzas, with five lines per stanza. Using the Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique, I was able to master the piece in just a few hours (Monday evening and Tuesday evening).

Before the contest and while waiting for my turn during the contest, I felt nervous, so I took deep breaths, exhaled and visualized the numbers 3, 2 and 1. Each time I did it, I felt better and better. When my turn came, the feeling of nervousness was not there any more. I just remembered doing my best. Exercise tricks work! I became the champion and received a gold medal!

Now well tell you how you, as a student, can use Workout and Fitness Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique to remember your lessons and much more. (Be sure to preprogram the workout and fitness techniques at your level first.)

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