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It has been found that many people who develop degenerative eye diseases also have poor digestion. In some cases digestion may be so severe that they have developed Crohns disease or irritable bowel syndrome. In many cases, it simply means that the production of digestive enzymes by the liver and pancreas and hydrochloric acid by the stomach is sluggish. Feeling bloated, gaseous, or experiencing heartburn after eating are some of the signs of poor digestion. If you have these symptoms with any regularity, you need to support your digestion with enzyme supplements and hydrochloric acid. This will ensure that all those good nutrients become bio-available for your body to use and that they do not pass out as undigested waste. See the chapter on supplements for more complete information about this important step.

Dr. Hirsch has very wisely observed that three things are required to allow diet to work in a therapeutic way. First, food must be grown in an appropriate way so that it has nutrients. Second, the person must be able to digest the food. Third, the food must be assimilated, meaning that blood vessels are in good shape to deliver nutrients to the cells.

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I did not include recipes in this blog because there are a lot of good recipe blogs around. Do buy one for yourself but make it a simple one. My approach to good nutrition is based on counseling many, many people. Most of them did not even cook for themselves. They ate out, got senior meals (most of these are lethal by the way), snacked endlessly, or opened cans. I realized that telling them to eat six to seven servings of produce a day was like telling them to begin speaking a foreign language. They had no idea how to go about making the needed changes in their diet. It seemed overwhelming and certainly not something they could take up in the face of a condition that limited their vision. That is why I broke it down into several easy steps. The idea is to keep at it and change underlying habits of shopping and meal preparation. Most of my patients were willing to do this when I explained that not only was food their best medicine, it was their only medicine. I hope you will feel this way too.

Food is not only your best medicine, it is your only medicine.

Checklist for Step Two

V Find a source for organic produce.

V Visit a health food store and make a purchase.

V Cook and eat a new vegetable each week for two months.

V Find a healthful cookblog you like V Increase low fat protein in your diet V Decrease carbohydrates.

V Reduce fat and sugar intake.

V Eliminate margarine and coffee from your diet.

V Improve your digestion.

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