Mary Randolph Carter (below right) is a cool beauty she has piercing blue eyes, pale skin, and the softest pink cheeks but has a casual style and a warm personality. The combination is powerful.
Isabella Rossellini has the most breathtaking face. She is the quintessential chameleon: Makeup changes her entirely. But I love her best as is.


If the bleeding stopped, then I could go home. If the bleeding continued, I would spend the remainder of my pregnancy on bed rest in a hospital that could accommodate high-risk moms. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped and I was allowed to go home. However, before being discharged, the OB sat on my bed and had a long discussion with me about bed rest, my limitations, and restrictions as they related to my condition, and what could happen to me and my baby if I didn’t follow my bed rest rules. I was then transferred to the care of an OB for the remainder of my pregnancy, so she could keep a close eye on me. On my weekly visits, my OB would review my symptoms, ask me about movements and, if there were no complications, allow me certain outings; car rides with my husband or ice cream at the beach. But each outing had to be within a short drive of the hospital and was for a set amount of time. Then it was back on the couch or to bed. She was very clear in setting limits and letting me know that each outing needed to be preapproved by her. These outings were limited to once a week, sometimes once every two weeks.

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