Strong sunlight can damage the eyes, and particularly the fine skin around the eyes. Keep covered up throughout the day with sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat to protect the face and hair.



The relationship you have with yourself will impact every relationship you have with others. As we consider the reasons that you are attracting unavailable relationships, we must first analyze what‚ „s going on in your mind, spirit and soul before you even enter a relationship. What are your beliefs, values and goals?

Let‚ „s consider Brittany‚ „s situation. She had been single for four years before Steve came along. She secretly struggled with the belief that she would never get married and would always be alone. She also had a negative self-image. She didn‚ „t like her body size and struggled to lose weight. She didn‚ „t have a healthy self-esteem, and she struggled to discover her life‚ „s purpose. She often thought negatively about her life and accomplishments. She never felt like she would be good enough to live the kind of life she envied in others. She desired a relationship, but her fear of rejection prevented her from actively pursuing one.

Just like many single women, Brittany was waiting to be rescued by a man. In her mind, her life was boring and unfulfilling. She spent most of her time working or lounging around at home. She didn‚ „t have any dreams, goals or future plans.

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