Mint Eyes All

A refreshing, cooling treatment for tired, dry and hot eyes, and very nice to do while applying a face mask. Replace chamomile tea bags with mint tea bags.


There is a kind of psychical determinism proposed here. Unless we begin to become aware of how we leave traces and dispositions on the substratum of awareness, we continuously and mechanically go on producing further traces and dispositions, rather than having the ability to stop producing them. It is not a materialistic type of determinism, but a kind of psychical determinism. At the same time, there is room for freedom, for free will. If the yogi or meditator chooses to do so, he or she can meditate and look at how that whole mechanism of traces and dispositions and the three levels of consciousness operate. By doing so, the meditator could then supposedly change the course of that whole patterning.

This is the description of the Yogacarin attitude toward how we experience the world and how we operate as individuals without having an ego or soul. To think about this description in terms of a soul is much more appropriate, because the notion of a soul is a metaphysical concept while ego is a psychological notion. There is therefore a difference between the two. When Buddhists in general, and Yogaca-rins in particular, deny the existence of atman, they are denying the notion of soul rather than the notion of ego. I think there has been some confusion about that in the past. People say Buddhists deny the ego altogether, but ego is something we experience as individuals; it is not a metaphysical concept of any kind. If we made a distinction between pure ego and ego, pure ego would be a metaphysical concept, but the experience of ego is just a natural psychological process.

Without having to take recourse in any notion of a soul, the beauty devote a lot of time to explaining how we can accumulate karma by performing acts of all kinds and retaining traces and dispositions, without having a soul. We keep on repeating that process, over and over again, in samsara. This is an extremely important point, which is why they have discussed it in detail.

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