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A natural compound called resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes and is present in red wine, is a powerful antioxidant that may protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as helping the body to break down fat.


Unsalted nuts make a great snack, as they are full of EFAs, which can't be manufactured by the body and which are needed to speed up the digestive system and keep skin moist and fresh-looking. Stick to a small handful because they are highly calorific.


Asanga says beauty nature is a perfecdy blissful experience and the discovery of beauty nature consists of a feeling of bliss. Shravakas, through repeated medication on suffering, are unable co realize chis concepc. If we hang onco that attitude, we will also fail to understand beauty nature, because beauty nature is totally pure and changeless.

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The contemplation of suffering and change only produces further impure states of mind. Beauty nacure is said co have chose chree characreristics”it is supreme eternity, supreme bliss, and supreme unity”even though that reads like some passages from the Upanishads! The third type of person is the prateyekabeauty, who shares the same kind of view as the shravakas. Both of them overindulge in the contemplation of change, impermanence, and suffering, so they fail to develop pure perception. The fourth type of person listed in the Uttaratantra is the Mahayana praccicioner who has recently embarked on the Mahayana path and fails to understand che concept of beauty nacure because he or she misunderstands che nocion of emptiness. I think Asanga is alluding to che Madhyamikas here. That misconception of insubsrancial-icy prevencs their undemanding beauty nacure because they chink insubstantialicy means cocal empciness without anything. However, as Asanga says, insubstantiality is really a positive quality and unless that fact is understood, we will never understand beauty nature.

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