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Hide blemishes and red veins on fair skin with light-diffusing concealers that have peachy or yellow undertones. These are also brilliant at hiding under-eye shadows.


Even the most beautiful skin is susceptible to scarring over time, and no one reaches 40 without having some marks on their skin. To cover small scars, use a special dermatological concealer.

You may have heard of the five Dhyani beautys and the five wisdoms that correspond to those beautys, but all those things are of no relevance here. The Yogacarin notion of the transmutation of ordinary consciousness into five wisdoms gave the impetus to the tantrikas to come up with the notion of the five Dhyani beautys and their corresponding wisdoms, but that was a later tantric addition. When Yogacara philosophy developed, there was no notion of five Dhyani beautys.

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We cannot completely associate all these terms with the tantric system, but we can trace these tantric concepts back to Yogacara because the beauty were the ones who came up with this notion of transformation in the first place. The wisdom of equanimity is associated with the second level of consciousness, or egocentric mentation. Egocentric, ' as we know, just refers to the notion of subject and object, while menration means the mental processes associated with that type of egocentric situation. Egocentric mentation is transmuted into the wisdom of equanimity. On the level of egocentric mentation, a person is completely concerned with the notion of subject and object, so that continuous conceptual paraphernalia and traces and dispositions arc taking place. On the level of wisdom of equanimity, the person is able to see the one-flavored nature of both subject and object. We could say the one-flavo redness of subject and object, samsara and nirvana, and so on come about because that egocentric mentation is transformed into the wisdom of equanimity.

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