â¢Use a creamy-textured, tinted, oil-free moisturizer or an oil-free foundation to create a smooth texture so that there will be no clumping on blemishes.
â¢Use your foundation shade (not your concealer) with the concealer brush to cover pimples.
â¢Avoid overdrying products that will roughen your skin’s texture.
Remember: Drying the skin’s surface will simply block impurities and prevent them from exiting on their own.
â¢While moisturizing might seem counterintuitive with troubled skin, the very products you might use for blemishes can cause surface dryness. Besides, moisturizer will create a smoother appearance and allow makeup to set better.
Given all that we know about the dangers of the sun, there is no other option than to make a practice of wearing sunscreen. Medically, there is the riskâ”ever increasingâ”of skin cancer. Cosmetically, we know that unprotected exposure to the sun will lead to brown spots, premature wrinkling, and a tough, leathery texture to the skin. A recent study I read shows that even a few minutes spent in intense sun without proper protection will result in measurable damage to the skin. The reality is that we all enjoy time in the sunâ”swimming, gardening, and playing out-of-doors with our kids. My advice is simply to be smart about it.


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