Eye Makeup For Pink Lips


Whether you choose to use a smudgy soft eyeliner pencil or a liquid liner, always draw across the whole length of the upper eye. Just covering half of the top lid will make your eyes look smaller and more close-set.


Cheat a little and remove any wrinkle-created wobbles with a cotton bud (Q-tip) soaked in make-up remover. What you take off is as important as what you put on, and nobody will ever know that you cleaned up your mistakes to leave a perfect straight sweep of colour.

Buddhists use maya in that particular sense, such as the image of a rope and a snake. When you mistake a rope for a snake, it does not mean there is nothing there; it just means you have mistaken one thing for another.

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That is illusion. In a similar way, we do not see reality or ever-perfect emptiness when we look at the phenomenal world, because we are under the influence of illusion. We are mistaking a rope for a snake rather than seeing the rope as a rope. Advaita means one without a second. ? Advaya means nondual. ? In Hindu philosophy, when they talk about Advaita Vedanta, advaita really means one without a second. Brahma is one. He does not have a right hand man or left hand man beside him.

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