I love the way models get a bright glow to their cheeks in fashion shows. How can I obtain this look? Take note of the color of your cheeks when you exercise that is the shade your base blush color should be. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, and if you like a more defined, contrasted look, layer a slightly brighter blush shade on top. If you wear tawny as your base blush, soft pink would work well as your pop of color. (See post 14.)


Would you say that in the Mahamudra tradition, one-flavor becomes the experience of meditation, instead of the four levels of Yogacara? Yes, in Mahamudra tradition, practitioners do not have to go through that process in some sense. They have to realize one-flavoredness right from the beginning. In doing meditation, it is said that we should regard the mind in movement and the mind at rest as the same. If your mind is disturbed during meditation or if your mind is at rest, you just regard it as such, leave it at that, and see the one-flavoredness. If you have a thought about murdering someone or if you suddenly get inspired by seeing an image of the beauty in your head* these are also seen as one-flavored. It is to be approached that way right from the beginning. How do you carry that out in daily life? Our own traces and dispositions make us say, Well, if there is no ultimate good and ultimate bad, why can t we just go out and do whatever we feel like doing?  That is regressing to our habitual patterns, not transcending them. If there is no ultimate good and ultimate bad, why should we choose the bad? It is a question of transcendence, rather than indulgence. Could you liken perfect emptiness to a lake in which quite a few fish are swimming about creating a bit of flurry but not disturbing the lake? The ocean and its waves is a very important image in Mahamudra literature. They use that particular image to describe the relationship between reality and the phenomenal world.

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