•toothbrush/toothpaste in plastic containers •shampoo/conditioner in one (small bottle)

•face cleanser •face cream or lotion

•disposable razor (I use shampoo for shaving cream)

•children’s Tylenol (for my kids)

I find that it is good to take along sample packets of skin-care products when I’m on the road. It’s like taking along a lot of little treats. Sometimes I find that I have more time and energy to pamper myself in a hotel room than when I am at home with my family. This is a moment when I might do a deep-conditioning treatment for my hair or a hydrating mask for my face. I always exercise when I’m away, as it keeps me going and gives me extra energy and focus. I get up as early as needed to fit in my exercise. Sometimes I treat myself to a massage, which is almost a necessity when you travel and work. I’d rather have a massage than a new pair of shoes or a new shirt. For me, it’s a priority.

Despite the hassles of travel, time changes, and what have you, I have learned to make it a satisfying experience. To wear a hotel robe, order room service, or call an old friend just to chat (and to be in charge of the remote control!) is total bliss for me.

Makeup for a Red Dress – Makeup Geek

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... eyeshadow colour of every girl or a lady remains the golden golden eye

White glitter eye shadow. | My Style | Pinterest

Beautiful blue and gold smokey eye makeup

eye makeup


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