Wild & Weedy Eye Pillows From Randi Barouch

Eye pillows are aromatic pillows for your eyes. Through the centuries and across cultures aromatic herbs, seeds and grains have been tucked into small sacks or bags and placed on closed eyes to promote sleep and relaxation. Eye pillows gently caress the eyes with the gentle, cool pressure of the seeds and grains while offering the soothing aroma of herbs. If your eyes are photosensitive, or if you are trying to go to sleep in a room that is not completely dark, eye pillows can also help block out the light. Randi recalls that Granny Barb used old socks that had lost their mates for eye pillows. For those of us who want something a little more “appealing to the eye,” Randi offers the following instructions:


2 pieces of 4V‚£-by-9-inch natural fiber cloth, such as cotton, si1, linen, etc. thread, needle, straight pins 1 cup flaxseeds

1 cup dried herbs, (lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, or any other aromatic herb of your liking) paper rolled into a funnel chopstick or pencil plastic container with lid

To assemble:

1. Place 2 cloths together, right side facing in, and pin, leaving a 2-inch opening on one end.

2. Sew cloths together, leaving the 2-inch opening for filling.

3. Turn inside out so that right side is facing out; push corners out with pencil or chopstick.

4. Mix 1 cup of flaxseeds with 1 cup of herbs of choice in plastic container.

5. Mix flaxseed herb mixture and pour through funnel into pillow. Use pencil or chopstick to push contents through funnel.

6. Sew up opening to complete the pillow.

Your herb pillow will last for about a year, at which point it should be reopened and refilled with fresh seeds and herbs. It makes an excellent gift, especially for elders.


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