The idea is to accentuate the positive‚ whatever it is about you that is positive. There is a quality about each of us that makes us powerful and strong. For a woman with plain features, beauty style might come through in her mass of auburn hair. I know girls or women who look quite ordinary, yet I start to see them as beautiful because of their strength of character or elegance as a person. Likewise, there are models who, by acting in a rude or unpleasant way, stop looking pretty to my eye.
For some women, it’s the ability to put on a red lipstick and wear it boldly. Being perceived as pretty is ultimately about exuding self-confidence. Self-confidence is the most elemental and yet most elusive quotient of beauty. I recognize instantly whether a woman possesses it‚  how at ease, how comfortable she is in her own skin. Oftentimes, the women with the most self-confidence seem to have other priorities in life and do not obsess endlessly about their looks.
I know from experience behind my makeup counter at Bergdorf Goodman a shop on 57th Street in Manhattan that’s a hub of luxury that self-confidence is never a given. There I observe women with the most beautiful clothes and all the money in the world but it doesn’t mean that they are happy with their looks. If you don’t feel good with yourself, nothing else matters. Maybe that’s the key for all of us. Below I have listed specific striking beauty traits and more general beauty looks‚ around which a woman can develop her own beauty style. You may find yourself identifying with one or perhaps even several of these categories no matter. The point is that you are not alone. It can be tremendously reassuring and refreshing to see how many of the world’s greatest beauties‚ have the very same features the rest of us agonize over!


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