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Healers claim that every living organism has a ‘ vibrational energy system', which includes chakras, subtle bodies and meridians. By using the appropriate crystals, the healer can fine-tune an energy system, rebalance energies and improve wellbeing.


Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine method where a trained therapist uses colour and light to balance emotional, spiritual or physical energies. It is often combined with hydrotherapy and aromatherapy to bring about an emotional reaction.

It is at the foundation.

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It is due to mirrorlike wisdom that all the other wisdoms are able to manifest, whereas in the Mahamudra tradition, it is due to the wisdom of dharmakaya that all the other wisdoms are able to manifest. Instead of having four wisdoms, they have five. The wisdom of dharmakaya exists all the time, according to the tantrikas. That is mind-as-such or luminosity. Those things are just a semantic problem, rather than something that refers to different entities. These wisdoms are not different entities; they are different aspects of the same thing. What relationship did the vinaya rules have for the practitioners of mahamudra and Yogacara? When Mahayana developed, the emphasis on the vinaya diminished somewhat. If you read the Vimala-kirtinirdesa-sutra, you will see that the hero is a layperson and a lot of dialogue goes on about how you do not have to be a monk to be a bodhisattva or to attain enlightenment. The emphasis on strict monastic rules diminished somewhat.

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