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How should I put together bespoke anti-ageing aesthetic programmes for clients? When a new client comes to a clinic, it’s really important to find out whether they’ve had aesthetic treatments before and what their current skincare regime is so you can ascertain what level they are at, and their commitment to undergoing daily regimes and courses of treatments. If they’ve never had any kind of skin resurfacing before, you’ll want to start with entry-level treatments, whereas a client who has a history of aesthetic treatments may be more suitable for higher grade skin resurfacing, which may involve more downtime.

While each client will need a different programme, depending on their skin concerns, treatment history and lifestyle, there are a few basics you can use as a starting point. Most clients who come to me are concerned with one of four things: hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, adult acne and scarring or preventative treatment for ageing. It would be worth devising four key programmes as a baseline to follow when identifying and treating these four core client concerns. Of course this can be tailored and altered where appropriate to suit your client.

I often see practitioners with treatment menus that are 20 pages long. With such a selection to choose from, it causes confusion not only for the client, but for the practitioner too.

Use your four key programmes as a pathway, knowing exactly what treatments work and why, and discuss this in detail with your client, as opposed to offering a treatment that is your personal preference or merely because the client requested it. This will promote confidence in your client, build customer loyalty and increase client retention rates.

For lines and wrinkles, I would usually recommend a course of treatment with Skinbreeze, using microdermabrasion to exfoliate and radiofrequency (03 ozone) for skin-tightening around the eyes and jowls. I’d combine this with 02 infusion and select serums with hyaluronic acid, peptides and maybe arbutin for uneven skin tone followed by a collagen mask to hydrate the skin.

If hyperpigmentation was the main concern I’d use the Skinbreeze alongside salicylic acid peels and I’d recommend skincare that has ingredients with lightening effects such as kojic acid, liquorice and maybe hydroquinone in moderation for severe cases.

Marie Dolan is a nurse practitioner and trainer. She runs her own clinic, Define by Marie Dolan, in Studley, Warwickshire, offering aesthetic treatments including injectables, machine-based treatments and cosmeceutical skincare.

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