When you’re at the supermarket, forget the shopping trolley and use a basket instead. This will help tone your arms, particularly if you do a few biceps curls while standing in the checkout queue!


Make your power walk even more effective by carrying small hand weights with you. Walk purposefully, using your arms to move you along. Exercising in thiway will benefit your arms and legs simultaneously.

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The traces and dispositions, conceptual paraphernalia, and mental obscurations also need to be removed so that the purity of the mind can manifest automatically. It is said that change and temporality, birth and death, and so on, can come about only due to our obscurations. As practitioners begin to realize that their minds are completely pure by nature, they become completely fearless as far as death and rebirth are concerned. Once the obscurations are removed and the completely unchangeable beauty nature is discovered, they overcome any fear of birth and death. We could make reference to the Uttaratantra here, as this is the most important text on beauty nature. It was written by Asanga, the founder of the Yogacara school. The Uttaratantra says that there are four types of people who fail to understand the concept of beauty nature. The first type of person mistakenly believes in the notion of a soul. Ordinary human beings do not understand beauty nature because they have constructed the notion of soul. beauty nature is therefore inaccessible to them.

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