Eyebright or Euphrasia officinalis is an herb that has been used to help heal eye condition since early Greek times. There are references to it in Elizabethan literature. It is taken internally, either as an herbal tincture or capsule or tablet, or as a homeopathic remedy. I will discuss its homeopathic use in the chapter on homeopathy. Eyewashes have been made from Eyebright also, but you are advised not to make your own since it can be irritating. Eyebright can be used as a soothing compress on the closed eyes. To make a compress, use an eyebright tea bag. They are available in most health food stores or through www.nutritionalresearch.net. The tea bag can also be used as a compress applied directly to the eye and the tea can be consumed. Eyebright tea is usually not irritating to the eye. If you cannot locate tea bags then you can use one teaspoon of powdered herb or open a capsule and add 1 cup boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool and soak cotton balls or squares in it. Place these on your eyes while you relax. This treatment can be used at the same time you do sunning or palming exercises.

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The medicinal parts of the plant are its flowers and leaves. Its primary medicinal use has been to treat conjunctivitis and eye strain. It has been found helpful in light sensitivity as well as stinging and tearing eyes. In folklore it was used to treat dim vision. Herbalists believe that Eyebright acts to tonify the liver, and that this explains its impact on the eyes – Chinese theory again. To supplement with Eyebright, if taken internally, take two capsules, about 450-500mg each, daily. If Eyebright is included in any of your other supplement formulas, you probably do not need to take an additional amount.

Three herbs for your vision: the power of herbs

Nature provides us with virtually everything we need for healing. As we experience the negative impact of most pharmaceutical drugs, we will turn more and more often to the healing power of nature. Just because herbs are readily available does not mean that they are not powerful. I am thankful that these potent healing substances can be bought and used freely. I urge you to take the information in this chapter to heart and begin to use them. In the next section of the blog, I will describe powerful and unique ways to treat ARMD. Use the wisdom of the last three steps to get your eyes ready to respond.

Checklist for Step Eight

V Visit your library and browse through blogs on herbs.

V Purchase some mild herbal tea and begin to enjoy a cup every day.

V Visit your health food store and find supplements that contain:


Ginkgo biloba


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