Fall Winter Hair Trends Loose Natural Waves

Hey girls gala here. So today we’re here with our second post in the fall hair trend series now today we’re going to be covering natural waves there’s a lot of ways to do natural waves and. So I decided instead of trying to cram everything into one post which it is possible will be really long. I decided to just go ahead, and talk you through a lot of them send you to tutorials that are really great, and show you how. I got these today it’s one of my favorite ways to achieve natural curls are a natural looking curls. Because that’s they’re not natural but um you know. I just thought it would be fun to do it this way. So that’s what we’re going to do now basically the ways that you can achieve natural curls breaks out into two categories the first category is without heat the whole premise of that is that you’re either going to let your hair dry in a certain shape or you’re going to blow dry your hair, and then immediately put it into a shape to make it turn wavy basically. And I have a tutorial on how to do that with braised, and how like braiding your hair, and sleeping on it, and then having it the next day and, I’ll link that right here, and in the down bar as well. I think it’s pretty thorough um it’s pretty long. So it covers a lot of different stuff it covers the way that. I do it sup like that, and that will get you more of a zigzag kind of way. So if you’re looking for that kind of thing that’s a good method to use a more natural looking one that.

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I actually think is a little bit better now um is to twist it you can either twist into a button or just twist, and pin it to your head a really great tutorial on that is this one by, and reaps choice which, I’ll link here, and in the down bar. I don’t get you more kind of a curled wave but it looks a lot more natural, and organic which is kind of moron trench. So if you want to see how to do that. I really recommend that tutorial it’s fabulous um and. So you can go check that out, and then the third basic way is to wrap your hair around something some people use Velcro rollers some people use little wands all sorts of stuff the tutorial that. I really like on this method is by an or shine which, I’ll link here in the down bar it’s fantastic, and she does a really good job of just demonstrating that. So I recommend watching that tutorial if you want to know how to use that method okay. So the second category is using heat now it’s obviously not as popular to use heat. Because it’s more damaging for your hair but sometimes it can help hold the curl just a little bit better. So basically you can use a diffuser why barrel curling iron or a three barrel curling iron. I actually don’t own a three barrel curling iron. Because. I don’t actually like the way that those waves look. I think they look too structured, and put together but that’s just my personal opinion, and if you really want to learn how to do that. I found a tutorial that. I like on it. So link here, and in the down bar if you want to know how to use a three barrel curling iron to achieve natural-looking ways. And I know people will point this out of course you can use your straightened to kind of rotate back, and forth, and get waves as well but that’s. So damaging for your hair it’s just. I just don’t like. I don’t really like that method on personal opinion if that’s your thing go for it whatever personally it’s just very like damaging on my hair and.

So. I don’t like to do it. So that’s that. I thought. I would point this methods out not really my favorite but they exist, and if you like them yet methods. I do like is either a diffuser or a why barrel curling iron the defuse. I put it in a curl constructing moose this one is by Sammy salon systems. I really like this stuff it nourishes my hair like no other, and it also helps it to achieve a curl, and hold a curl better. So big fan. And I use my curl activator spray. Because, I’ll addicted to it. I can’t curl my hair without it. So I always use it, and obviously. I use my hair dryer with a diffuser the is a Conair. I on shine yeah. I don’t know. I just had it for a long time. So basically. I put this through my hair after our towel dried it this stuff too, and then. I dry it with this thing by scrunching it against my head, and holding it now she is what it looks like when, I’ve used my curling iron. And I just kind of let it fall, and get really wavy instead of keeping it really curled. I let it just fall, and get wavy. I use my one inch Hot Tools curling iron and, I’ll going to show you how you can achieve this look with a similar iron now, and it. I would suggest if you’re just starting from scratch to put some kind of curling loosen your hair. Because it helps with the holes. Because these are supposed to look very natural, and organic, I’ll not going to do my typical sectioning, and curling. Because. I don’t need it to be very structured cause. I wanted to be very loose, and kind of all not really all over the place with very organic-looking. So, I’ll just going to take pieces of hair as. I find them, and just give them a nice little curl curling kind of different sections, and slightly different directions but not. So much that it makes my hair look um not like it’s not cohesive. Because you. So much your hair to be cohesive you don’t want it to look like a hot mess but you do you know what a little bit of difference.

So that it looks a little bit more organic. So the is what it looks like when. I just let it out, and if. I wanted to, I’ll show you guys what it looks like on this side, I’ll just let everything fall, and on this side, I’ll pin it up just. So you can see the difference when you pin it up it will just be a slightly tighter wave all right. So, I’ll just going to go through here, and curl it random, and show you the improve all right, and when you’re done you’re going to want to sprits this with some kind of texturizing hairspray something that’s going to give it a little bit of maybe a little bit of messiness, and what. I love for the is got by voluptuous volume. I was never a believer in hair sprays. I was always just like oh whatever you know. I would use one that would give me some hold every now, and then that was about it this gives me. So much texture, and volume. I love it, and it gives really good hold. So that’s my plug for this product but, I’ll going to use that on this side right now right now on this time we’re going to do things a little bit differently, I’ve already sprayed my curl activator spray through it what we’re going to do with this one is we’re still going to curl at random is still going to be really just different organic that kind of thing but what we’re going to do after each curls we’re going to pin it up, and allow it to cool, and what, I’ll going to use for that are just my little clamps right here, and the way, I’ll going to do the is once. I feel like this curl is done, and it’s really close to it right now right there, I’ll going to just release it, and then, I’ll going to use my fingers to pick the curl back up, and kind of put it back into a spiral. So, I’ll just kind of collapsing the crawl back on itself just like. So winding it up, and it’s still really warm like. I can feel it, I’ll going to take the clamp and, I’ll just going to put it like that. So it holds it in that shape. So while the hair is cooling it’s staying in that shape which allows it to hold it better, and will stay a little bit more round. And I just going to continue with that through that whole section of hair alright. So here you can see the difference in the two hairstyles this was just a little bit more loose, and relaxed on this one you can see just a little bit more structure, and the curl. So the difference is not a huge but there is a little subtle difference.

I think those of you with easier to curl hair will see a even bigger difference in this side of your hair obviously my hair is hard to curl. So there is. I don’t think it holds the shape as well as some hair types could if you have hard to curl hair, and you really wanted to stay for a really long time the is a good method to use but like. I said. I prefer the look of this much better but now that, I’ve done this side. And I showed you the difference, I’ll just going to work there with my fingers, and make it relax on its own. So it kind of matches the other side a little bit, and once, I’ve done that, I’ll going to go through here with my trusty hairspray which. I love alright, and as you can see this one still has more distinct kind of shape than the other one it’s all up to you whichever kind of style you like whether it’s the loose or kind of wave your version or the more curl version there’s the different ways to achieve them okay. So that’s that. I am sorry to send you all over YouTube two different tutorials to see how to do this for me. I thought this would be a better like bite-sized tutorial if. I did it that way. I also thought it would be more ethical that way. I was on copying other people’s material but. I was actually sending you to it. I didn’t want. I don’t ever want to come off like, I’ll stealing other people’s information. So go check them out they’re all fantastic. I really liked all the tutorials that, I’ve mentioned. So I hope you like them as well. And I hope you found this one informative even though it really was kind of like a hobo you know more of a reference tool than at an actual showing you how to do something. So yeah that’s it. I hope you guys did appreciate this. I hope you liked it. I hope maybe you learn something new is there from this tutorial or one of the ones. I sent you to. And I will see you guys on Wednesday. I hope you’re having a fantastic day by girls.

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