Fashion Design Instructor and Designer

After graduating with honors from one of the top fashion schools in the the world, teaching aspiring talents became this designer’s calling.

HOW I GOT INTO FASHION: It was all organic my mom used to be a model and her mentors were pioneers in Filipino design, so my early exposure led to my career in fashion. After graduating magna cum laude at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, I came home and was convinced to try teaching. I wanted to pay it forward and share what I learned”

THE PERKS OFAJOB IN THE STYLEWORLD: Seeing my students’ progress gives me a real sense of purpose and fulfillment. Being able to share your knowledge is a privilege, especially with young people it’s refreshing and their energy is contagious!”

WHAT PEOPLE TELL ME ABOUT MY JOB AND WHY THEY’RE WRONG: I think many people think that it’s a very glamorous and easy job. Most of us don’t have the convenience of a daily routine. Being in the design industry in general, you’ll be judged and criticized often, and you have to get used to that. It is not for the fainthearted!‚

FASHIONABLY FACING CHALLENGES: As an instructor, it’s a challenge to keep your students motivated. I get attached to my students. It’s a huge commitment as well, since I also work fulltime as a designer.‚

WHY PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE NOTICE OF PHILIPPINE FASHION: The Philippine fashion industry is among the most creative in the world we’re very resourceful and ever-evolving. It’s about time we stand out and show the world what we are made of. This is also why we should hone and cultivate young Filipino talent.‚

HOW YOU CAN MAKE IT IN THE INDUSTRY: Stay inspired and be different. Be nice to everyone.

And always remember that although talent can get you to the top, it’s your character that will keep you there.‚

Fashion Tricks a la Mixy

‚ Bare skin moderately learn balance.

‚ When shopping, check the clothes’ seams and finish, so you know if you’re getting your money’s worth.

‚ Don’t judge clothes based on how they look on hangers.

‚ Keep bra straps hidden, please!

‚ Screw the fad if it doesn’t flatter you.


We sometimes forget there are jobs in fashion beyond modeling, designing, and styling. Here, four women whose roles in the style industry make just as much of an impact.

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Fashion Design Instructor and Designer Photo Gallery

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