Never buy anything in a sale simply because it has been dramatically reduced in price, and never buy anything that will fit you once you have lost 2-3 kg (5 lb). Clothes have to fit properly, look good and make you feel great in order to be worth buying.

Get to know the designers who make clothes that suit your figure and lifestyle. Betty Jackson, Nicole Farhi and Issey Miyake all produce understated collections with a sophisticated twist that perfectly fill the post-30-year-old wardrobe.


The RelativeThe second aspect of reality is known as paratantra and could be translated as the relative.  The function of paratantra is to construct the notional-conceptual. It is the act of mind or consciousness- It is the process of perpetuation, of continuously constructing the notional-conceptual through interactions between the three levels of consciousness. The first aspect is just the existence of duality, while the further and continuous perpetuation of that duality is the relative. In fact, paratantra is the most important of the three aspects of reality, because it is on the relative level of reality that the notional-conceptual is constructed. The Ideally AbsoluteOnce one begins to meditate and examine the whole function of mind”how the three levels of consciousness interact and how the different traces and dispositions are produced”the meditator is able to remove the notion of subject and object altogether, thereby making manifest the third aspect of reality, the ideally absolute or pari-mtspanna. The ideally absolute is reality itself. In fact, the relative is the ground for both the notional-conceptual and the ideally absolute. When the relative keeps perpetuating duality, the notional-conceptual persists. However, as soon as the relative aspect is exhausted of that duality, it begins to reveal itself as reality or the ideally absolute.

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