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How do you keep consumers excited? We explore new techniques and materials. I don’t like to keep doing the same thing; I like to challenge myself to do new things. I also want to do what is right, so I ask myself whether it is a “good thing”. A “good thing” is something that is noble and creative, and has meaning. I like the new and unexpected, with a not-too-obvious eccentricity. How do you attempt to speak to a younger generation of fashion lovers? Many women have walked the BV runways, such as Gigi Hadid, Lauren Hutton, Eva Herzigova, Adriana Lima and Karen Elson. They encapsulate the idea of beauty at every age. That’s our core – the concept of timelessness.

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We wanted to reiterate that different women can wear our clothes yet interpret their personal style with their own unique approach. Where does the City Knot figure in this? It offers the everyday appeal characteristic of BV bags but has a friendlier price tag. The Knot is very much a symbol of BV, a link to its history and its future. We wanted to reinterpret its timeless aesthetic for urban life with refined pieces. The City Knot was thus conceived as an ideal evolution from day to evening. It represents a new step in the history of an icon like Knot. What’s your take on the seenow-buy-now concept? Many consider it as a way to keep fashion timely and relevant for the consumer. BV does not follow fashion trends.

We create a lifestyle. We value the importance of craftsmanship and research in new techniques and materials, which have very specific timelines to be respected and cannot be betrayed. We will never compromise on these values: Each object resonates within a very precise aesthetic and is conceived to remain an object of beauty for years to come. What inspires you these days? Inspiration is everywhere: art, music, travel and music. Each enriches my life and feeds my creativity in different ways. If I have a free day, I go to a museum or exhibition. If I have a free week, I will escape to Maine. I have moved around a great deal, but an unforgettable place I’ve been is the Benesse Art Site Naoshima and its surrounding islands in Japan. It is beautiful on the architectural level because it is displayed in harmony with the landscape. I am a fan of films from the late 60s and early 70s. I watched them in my youth, and what I saw created a catalogue in the memory in terms of colour, shape and form.

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