To stimulate the lymph flow and break down fatty tissue, natural plant extracts containing enzymes and nutrients can be injected into the middle layer of skin (mesoderm), using extremely small needles. A long-term course is recommended.


Sit still. Close your eyes. Tell your loved ones you will be a few moments. (This can be done in the bathroom if you really can‚ „t get a break.) While you sit, do your best to dissolve your agenda. It is so easy to plan, and as a parent, for much of the day your plans are what make the family tick. Place them to the side and simply notice your inhales and exhales. Your mind may churn with activity. Set a timer for however much time you realistically have. Keep coming back to your breathing, to your inner state, to the degree of serenity that can only come from you taking honest and quiet moments with yourself.

This is not a ‚ “by the end of this meditation, your kid will want kale‚  meditation. It is a meditation that will allow you to practice presence, so that whatever does happen is okay. Or even okay-ish.

You might be a very yogic person who can meditate the sugar out of anyone. But then you have children. If you have buttons, those little bundles of joy sure know how to press them.

If you find your patience going down the potty, take a moment to meditate. You can even do this with small children, although the time may be shorter depending on the kind of day you‚ „re having.

Start out by lowering your expectations and be okay with whatever happens. Whether you get thirty seconds or five minutes, relish this alone time. As you sit, address your well-being. Feel your breathing inside your body. Open your inner capacity for observation as you soften your belly.

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