Faux Fishtail Crown Braid Hairstyles

Hey everyone, I’m Abby from LA, and today we’re here with Cameron, and [Both] Brady. He wanted to say hi to you, and we are gonna show you today how to do the full fishtail crown braid. I love this because it looks like a crown braid, but it has a little more texture to it because of the way you doing the fishtail, but it’s not really a fishtail, which makes it extra cool and extra easy. And if you guys haven’t checked out LA.com you definitely should because, why? We are expanding. Yay, so not only does it now include hair, we are now morphing to the lifestyle, which is fantastic, so I promise you can go over and peek, but you will see recipes that seriously make me salivate. There’s a doughnut on there right now that I’m just dying over, and you will see fashion, and you will see nails, and everything else that you can think of that’s awesome that’s lifestyle.

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So, you should definitely go check it out, and the link will be in the description box below, so let’s get to it. Hey, now to begin this hairstyle, I have just divided her hair down the center. I’ve parted it in half, and I’ve just very loosely secured each of them into a ponytail right here. You can see they’re not tight against her head. Now, I’m gonna take another elastic, and put it down just a couple of inches. This is the beauty of this hairstyle, is it’s so simple. Make a little hole in the middle, and flip the hair through. This is how we create our faux fishtail effect. So you’re gonna continue doing this all the way down the pony tail. When you get it all twisted, then I just go back and pancake those puffs so that the fishtail part, it really looks more like a fishtail, and it’s really loose and very, like, almost kind of messy.

We want this style to just look very soft and kind of wispy looking, so messy is okay. Okay, when you get one the way you like it, then you go ahead and do the opposite side. Okay, when you have your two like, pancaked little faux fishtails, then it depends on your hair length. You can do one of two things. One is, if you have shorter hair, it’s not gonna reach all the way around this way, and so you can just fold them like this, and lay them across the top of your head, like this. I’ll show you what it would look like on the front. Turn and look at the camera. Here you go. You get the idea, and you can just bobby pin in place to hold it down. If you have a little longer hair like Cameron, her’s is just barely long enough. You can cross them over each other like this, and then wrap them up and around, and I always kind of look to see which way looks better laying down, like here you have that bubble. So, I’m gonna go with this one. I can just bobby pin that in place when we’re done. So, I’m gonna take this bottom one and wrap it up, and find where I want it to lay, and I always leave it a couple of inches back on her head. You don’t want it sitting right like this.

You don’t want it like this. You want it up like a (indistinct speech) or a crown braid would lay, and just go ahead and bobby pin it into place. And then when you’re done pinning that one, you’re gonna cross this one around as well, and lay it where you want it laying across the top of her head, and you can see, I’m just gonna cross them in front. And I’ll tuck those hairs underneath each other and pin ‘em, so you can’t see them, the little ends. So, now for me, I don’t love this little kind of pooch right here in the back of her hair, so I just stick a bobby pin. You just kind of secure this down, anchor it a little bit where you want it, and then it will pull it closer together, and then what I do is just kind of puff the back, since we want it really soft looking, anyway. You can just pull, and tweak, and soften this whole look up, and that’s also gonna help to blend any little spots like this one, so you don’t see them nearly as much. There you go. Okay, let’s do the final spin. Here we go. So pretty. Definitely a keeper hairstyle. If you guys loved this post, or you think that Brady is just super cute, be sure to give this post a thumbs up, and don’t forget to click the comment button right here. If you want to see our other tutorials, you can click this little information button right here in the corner, and it will pop open so you can see them, and we will see you guys next week. Bye you guys. Bye.

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