Faux French Braid Hairstyle

Welcome to another week of my blog, I’m Kerry. And this is my daughter Gracie everyone for those who follow us on a regular basis pretty cutter princesses yay there’s at first prepare a ticket of the chair check now pretty cool huh anyway today’s tutorial we want to show you how to a faux French braid those who can’t do a French braid.

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And just gets their fingers all mixed up. And everything. And the strands this is a very easy way to do it you can begin by having her hair wet or dry doesn’t matters.

And she had already taken her shower her hair is damp. I’m going to work with damp hair today what you want to do is take a good chunk from the temple area all the way around to the crown area smooth it out. And all you’re going to do is take this section divide it in three equal parts.

And just spray it all the way down to the end just a nice mousse braid okay. So you’re going to go ahead. And scare it off with an elastic band okay.

So now here’s the easy part what you’re going to do is you’re going to take this part of the strand. And separate it. And put your fingers right through just like this right through okay then you want to just take a slice from the side.

And then you want to just bring it right through the strand just like this that’s it now you want to take another section of this spray separate it put your fingers right through. And then do the same thing on the other side take a slice smooth it out. And again bring it with your two fingers.

And pull right through. And that’s all you’re going to do all the way down until you get right to here. So again one more time take a section right here put your fingers right through it grab a slice from the side.

And pull right through. And you’re just going to continue all the way down okay. So now, I’m at the bottom you can do any variations of this braid by taking this out.

And separating them. And then continue to is doing a braid or you could go ahead. And keep continuing to do the same thing by separating the braid.

And bringing the sides in like this, I’m going to go ahead. And take this out unravel the braid a little bit until it gets to here. And, I’m going to split them in equal parts.

And divide them amongst each other. And continue to braid it down you just comb the sides a little bit just very easy to blend the sides in together. And there you have it thanks for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial we hope you give it a try.

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So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials with other you guys until next time let it do it. And teach it to others bye guy.

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