My Favorites 2018 Tons of new Hair Favs

It is time for my March favorites I am so excited there are so many new things to talk about this month I tried two new hair lines some of which I loved some of which I didn’t I tried new makeup I have a new filming area I am just so many new things are happening right now and I’m excited to share them with you guys and I have a lot to talk about so let’s just go ahead and dive right in so I’m gonna start off with makeup because I have a new favorite foundation that I’m so excited about its the Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation and I love it it’s incredible it’s exactly what I wanted it to be it’s extremely lightweight which is amazing you don’t feel it on your skin at all it’s not sticky which is awesome.

I cannot stand sticky foundation it lasts all day which is incredible because I have a pretty oily t zone and it tends to break down most makeup by the end of the day this holds up really really well which is awesome and it’s really belt able you can do a really sheer layer and have like a BB kind of coverage where it looks like no makeup makeup or you can really really build it up and get like a flawless skin finish I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on how my skin looks lately when I’m wearing this foundation which is awesome and overall I couldn’t be happier especially because it’s a drugstore foundation I think that’s incredible so overall I’m just in love okay so that’s enough makeup I think it’s time to talk about some hair stuff okay this is a complete first for my channel I’m Way too favorite an entire hair collection are you ready for this it is the Tresemme perfectly undone line and I Instagram when I bought all of these and I was just you know really really excited from the commercials I’m really really intrigued.

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I wanted to try it out I wanted to see if I liked it and it wasn’t what I expected it to be at all it was way better so I’m gonna go through and kind of quickly tell you the high points of each of these products and hopefully not take too long in that process so first we have the sea salt spray and sea salt sprays when you use them they’re either going to make your hair feel sticky and waxy or they’re gonna make your hair feel a little bit dry like you just got back from the beach and there’s lots of salt in your hair this is more on the dry side but your hair never feels gross or unhealthy my hair actually still feels very touchable very like first dateable that’s always a great test for me with hair by the way if my feels like it could go on the first date and not be awkward or crunchy then it’s good I totally dig the idea that you can have this amazing textured look to your hair without your hair feeling really dry or really really sticky or waxy because while I enjoy that sometimes when my hair is down and curled I don’t want to feel that so I’m really into that about this product that it doesn’t feel like a whole lot I use it on damp hair and I only use four sprays for my entire head so it is like a situation where a little bit goes a long way.

So I use it on damp hair drying my hair then style it and it provides textures throughout that whole process so that when my curls are done and I shake them out you see the texture from this but you could use it on dry hair as well they don’t advertise that you can use it on dry hair but you could for sure and I think that it’s actually really really great it works well I’m a fan and I think it’s a great alternative to really sticky or really drying sprays so the next one is the wave creation sea foam and this one is really really cool and I don’t completely have a category for it because it acts in a way that I’m not used to for any kind of product I think it would be amazing for people with wavy hair I actually read some reviews from people with wavy hair that said that it helped to kind of tame and enhance their waves whereas for me with straight hair it does definitely help with kind of taming some frizz but it also really helps with like movement and just a little bit of texture your hair really does get that like perfectly like I just ran through a field and my hair still looks perfect kind of texture and I don’t know how it does that and I’m not used to that from any other product but it’s really cool I still use this one on wet hair as well.

I haven’t tried this one on dry hair yet but I’ve used it on wet hair and then blow dried my hair and then curled it and it just gives these my curls just more movement and a little bit of tiny tiny beautiful texture just like the perfect amount I’m really happy with it really surprised really happy so then we have the perfectly undone wave perfecting jelly now this one I didn’t buy this one I actually got in the box of stuff from Tresemme and the reason that I didn’t buy this in store was because I thought that it was going to be a scrunching gel and I do not do scrunching gels I know that they’re great for people with wavy and curly but because my hair is neither wavy nor curly I just don’t like so here’s why I like this it’s not a gel it’s a jelly.

I first I read that and I was like what does that mean it’s a jelly like is that are you just trying to make it sound like a fancy gel no it’s really interesting it feels like a serum it feels almost like a shine enhancing serum you know when you get those and you know your of them between your hands and it feels all nice and silky Owen it feels like that and I was like what whenever I felt that between my hands and then I was like you know what I’m gonna try it on my curls because if you guys watch me crawl my my hair in my posts I spray it with hairspray at the end and I scrunch it because I like getting that extra a little bit of definition from scrunching it and I was like this is supposed to help define waves and you know add a little bit of texture that’s exactly what I tried to get my hairspray to do let’s see if this works for that this works amazingly for that I love it so much it’s exactly what I wanted it to be so I get the look I get the definition which believe me I would not have otherwise and I get a little bit of shine from it and you don’t feel it it’s not sticky if you’re wondering how I would recommend using it.

I would actually recommend the my favorite way now is right after you’ve curled your hair put a little bit between your hands rub scrunch you will love it it is amazing I think you could also do that if you have naturally wavy or curly hair you could do that on damp hair and allow your hair to air dry but for people with straighter hair like me you could try it with the curl first and then scrunch it’s so good so good and then finally we have the brush double hold hairspray which was actually my favorite before I tried the wave jelly because it’s great this hairspray is very non intrusive a lot of times I’ll finish my style and I’ll love how it looks I’ll have it exactly the way that I want it and then I pull out my hairspray and the hairspray does something to mess it up and that always bothers me because I’m like I did all that work then the hairspray was supposed to like add all the shine and now my hair is shinier than I wanted it to be which is you know I guess a good problem to have or you know it added so much hold now my hair is like rigid and doesn’t move or now my hair is sticky and you know it just ruins your style sometimes.

So I like this one because it just sets your style it just holds everything in place without making it sticky without adding too much texture without adding too much shine it’s perfect it’s exactly what you want when you just want to hold your stuff in place without changing the way that it looks and that makes me really happy I guess that’s a really simple thing for a product to do but sometimes the simple things are the best things so big fan right here the final thing that I love about this line is that it’s all really lightweight and non sticky so you’re actually able to layer everything together and I can actually even layer it day after day after day so you know I can use it on the first day and then I can use products again on the second day if I want to and I think that’s great because sometimes if I use too much products on the first day then I feel like I’m kind of stuck for every day after that so I love that and you can layer them together to get whatever look you want so for more of like a beachy kind of windswept look.

I used the sea salt spray when my hair was wet and then I used the wave jelly to define my waves and the hairspray to hold everything in place and I got this look a couple of days ago I instagrammed a picture where I had used the wave foam the wave jelly and the hairspray and it gave me this perfectly like PC tousle look where it was just hustled enough but also just shiny enough that I just looked like a healthy tousled Undine look because of that because it’s super versatile and it’s from the freakin drugstore I absolutely love it I really really recommend it and I hope you guys like it as much as I do and now for the slightly controversial I decided to try the Kardashian hair line because curiosity got the best of me quite honestly I was able to ignore their makeup line I was able to ignore their clothing line but then they let out a hair line and those girls for all the things that you can say about them you know what they have awesome hair and I had to try it out like I could not try it out so you know at least I can try it out and I can tell you guys what I think there were some things that I really loved from the collection obviously favorites and there were some things that I really really hated so I mean if you guys want to see like an entire review of the entire line cuz I tried out everything from the line I’ll do it I’ll tell you guys about it I will really let you know my honest opinions cuz like I said there are some things that I do not want to put on my hair ever again whereas there are some things that.

I will probably end up repurchasing so and you know what I just some of you guys are probably not fans of the Kardashians I understand that I accept that let’s just all acknowledge that they do have some pretty awesome hair and that’s the entire reason why I decided to try the line so now I’m gonna tell you guys about the two things that I really really loved from the line please don’t hate me for doing this first of all I have the dry shampoo I actually tweeted about this one this month and I called it pure sorcery because it is it makes my hair go longer between showers than I have ever done before and it looks good doing it I can wear my hair down on the third day and I can even make it through day four which I have never ever been able to do for me normally day three is maybe a fun day definitely a hat day you know what I’m saying have you been there I usually don’t go three days I usually only do that it’s like the water is turned off or something but I’ve been able to go forward with this stuff the other thing is that it doesn’t feel like anything on the hair if you put a ton in like if you put it in every day by day three or four you’re gonna start feeling it but especially the first day I don’t feel it at all which is really weird to me because normally you either really feel powder or you really feel like grit you know what.

I mean like it really feels almost waxy in your hair this doesn’t feel like anything which is really cool like I could actually I’d use it today and I can run my fingers through my scalp and it hasn’t feel like anything it’s still very first dateable hair third thing that I think is really cool and unprecedented is that my hair at my roots still looks really shiny without looking oily because you can see this is my second day this looks to me pretty freshly washed and the cool thing is about that is that dry shampoo normally makes my hair my roots look very matte you know it absorbs the powder or absorbs the oil but my hair still looks like I used a ton of texturizing product all over my roots whereas with this it really maintains the shine so my hair still looks really healthy really clean really nice and I’ve never experienced that in a dry shampoo before so I thought that was awesome so for all those reasons.

I actually really love this stuff it’s I think like twelve dollars at Sally’s or Ulta and it’s really good stuff and then we have the Kardashian Beauty K body volume foam now I think k body is a really weird name not really a fan of it but the volumizing mousse is actually pretty great first of all when you put it into your hair it doesn’t feel like anything and usually when you use a volumizing mousse it feels kind of gritty or else it doesn’t work but the ones that work usually feel pretty gritty and your hair just never feels great and it doesn’t have the movement that it would have otherwise you know it’s kind of like frozen and place and kind of weird and I’m just not a fan so I mean I usually just kind of take it in stride because that’s what you do if you want your hair to have volume it has to feel weird but with this one I get volume and my hair doesn’t feel weird and that makes me really happy also it doesn’t matter if I my roots just like the dry shampoo it doesn’t matter if I at all it actually preserves a really nice shine up at my roots which.

I love as well and then it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all usually if I use a volumizing mousse by day two or day three my hair is way down because of the mousse because for whatever reason that’s just what it does whereas with this one it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all it actually helps volume to maintain from day one to day two this is significantly better if you use it on wet hair and then blow dry it I’ve used it on dry hair but it just works a lot better on wet hair and then blow drying it and then you get the full benefit of what this stuff does but because it’s really lightweight I’ve even used it again on the second or third day just for a little bit of extra oomph so I really like that it’s so lightweight that it actually gives me volume without adding grit weighing my hair down or mattifying my roots at all I think it’s really great I will say that this isn’t gonna give you Texas hair if you’re looking for just some giant hair this one’s probably not for you but it gives me lift and movement and I have really fine hair my hair if I don’t put product in it and if I don’t work at it is just flat to my head like looks like I’m almost bald sometimes so flat to my head so for its not have that for it to have any kind of lifts and movement it’s actually really awesome I know my hair doesn’t look like Texas hair but it does have lift and move so I actually really really love this mousse I think it’s great and it’s the only volumizing mousse that I’ve been using all month so I actually really recommend it if you’re okay with buying it I think it’s really good okay guys that’s it that is all my new favorite products I hope that you have enjoyed this I hope maybe you found some new things that you want to try out sometime soon and that is it I will see you guys in my next post well bye.

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