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Hey Everyone kill here. So I decided to do monthly favorites. I thought it would be fun. I think you’ll be cool for you guys. Because. I get tons of requests all the time for reviews or different products, and things like that. So this seems like a nice easy way to work things like that in. So, I’ll going to do some hair care favorites, and hairstyling favorites, and some makeup favorites. Because. I do both of those on my blog now, and yeah that’s it, I’ll going to go ahead, and jump right into it. So I tried out a bunch of new stuff this month which meant that. I actually didn’t have a whole lot of favorites just. Because. I was trying. So many things but. I do have a shampoo, and conditioner favorite. And I reach for these a lot which was really surprising to me. Because they’re from the drugstore and, I’ll usually a snob when it comes to my shampoo, and conditioner. So I was kind of pleasantly surprised by that, and these were actually sent to me to try out. And I was really unsure as to how. I would think or feel about them, and it’s the Tresemme platinum strain shampoo, and conditioner supposed to repair up to two years of damage in five washes. I don’t really know how the image my hair was two years ago but it definitely did meet my hair shinier, and it really did clean my hair without drawing it out, and it was just generally good like it cleansed my hair. I got it clean it left it shiny. So I couldn’t complain about it. And I mean it’s like a five dollar shampoo, and conditioner which is great it’s a great price tag. Because a lot of stuff. I use is like salon quality, and it’s a lot more expensive. So thought. I would tell you guys about that.

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I was actually pleasantly surprised by these two favorite styling product. I would actually go with the redden smooth down and, I’ll going to insert a picture around here somewhere. Because. I forgot to bring it home with me. I actually have in a cosmetology school. And I use it on clients with thick coarse wavy or curly hair. Because it really does help to smooth the hair down it smoothes down flyaway, and frizz ease it um makes the hair shiny, and it protects it from the heat. So it is a really great product to use on those clients especially. Because for me whenever, I’ll doing that like. I want to be able to give them you know that hairstyle at the end of the day once. I finished blowing it out that looks really shiny, and really healthy, and bouncing all that without having any crazy frizz ease, and sometimes that the hair is really damn really curly or any of that it can be really hard to do. So what. I definitely use for that every single time is the redden smooth down. Because it gets me the results. I need without having to like sweat about it like. I can be assured that at the end of the blowout it’s going to look good. So my favorite styling tool the month has to go to my tangle teeter this thing is amazing, and it has to be the tangle teeter not any of the knockoffs this one cut. I tried some of the knockoffs they’re not as good this thing is. So good. And I don’t even have the tangle east of hair but. I just love it. Because if. I do have the saintly days or. I have a lot of teasing in my hair this thing goes through it. So quickly, and it doesn’t pull my hair out, and it doesn’t break my hair. And I don’t know why but it just is amazing it has different lengths of bristles in here, and then they’re really flexible bristles. So they’ve been really easily. And I think that has to do with it. So if you snagged on a really tough not it would kind of break out of here instead of like pulling it through, and breaking it out of your hair. So it’s a little bit. I don’t know it’s just easier. And I use this on people where otherwise it would take me minutes to come through their hair. And I can get through in like five minutes with this thing it’s amazingly. I don’t know why it works the way it does but it really does loves makeup. I had a little bit more makeup this month just. Because. I was kind of like shopping my collection, and not like buying tons, and tons of stuff. So yes. I had a lot more things that. I used in loved regularly. So the first one is by Too Faced it’s marshmallow bunny it’s from their lipstick line.

I love this the formulation of it is amazing you can kind of tell like, I’ve used a ton of it if you can see like the lipsticks all the way down there now um, and the formulation is really pretty, and the color is beautiful. I don’t know if you can see this watch oh yeah you can see that it’s just a really nice warm pink, and it’s really pretty it’s a little bit on the bright side. So I either play it up or turn it down with the lip gloss but it’s beautiful like. I just really love it, and the formula is beautiful. And I just it’s perfect for my lips it’s like a my lips but way better kind of color Xavier. I could definitely be the entire Maybelline vivid line. I love. I think. I own like seven lipsticks from. I don’t judge me um but. I picked up two of my favorites just to tell you guys about. I have electric fuchsia which is actually from the limited edition runway collection, and it’s just a very warm vibrant pink it’s very pretty. I love my warm pinks whenever. I can get a hold of a warm pink. I do. Because my skin is. So what, I’ll a little bit more warm toned, and warm homes just look a little better on me. So that’s why. I tend to go for this next one, I’ll wearing it right now is vibrant Mandarin. And I really love this it’s a great dupe for one of my favorite on Revlon shades that was discontinued it was called strawberry suede the only thing was that one was mad this one isn’t. I was seeming like a matte top coat for lips how awesome would that be, and my final lip product is by Maybelline it’s one of their new glasses in. I don’t know which formula it is but it’s in this packaging, and it’s called. I don’t know striking peach. I just really love this color it works really well on my skin tone. I love like Cora lie peachy colors on me. And I really love this over marshmallow bunny it’s like the prettiest color over that lipstick ever. And I really also love it over lipsticks that. I feel like are a little bit too light or too tan. Because it just brings that peach eons into it, and it brings that color into it without being too much. So I really like it, and it is really nicely pigmented like it’s not. So pigmented that you don’t know what to do with it but it’s not you know. So sheer that it’s useless. I think it’s a really happy medium and, I’ll try to show you guys to swatch. I don’t know how well the is going to work lip gloss squelches or kind of useless aren’t they but there you go if you can see it there it is. So my next favorite is a concealer. And I as your eyes have seen have been trying out a lot of congealers.

So they’re trying to find something that covers underneath my eyes, I’ll also looking for a good one for like hyper pigmentation. Because. I have a lot of that around here like it’s a problem. So this one is my favorite for under eyes. So far, I’ll still kind of like battling the brands out but. So far the cover girl, and Olay simply ages. I concealer, and this one is in light. I saw my slim razz mention this one in a post, and the is a very sing is but. I had actually been wondering like what would Ingrid do about the whole like under. I think. I was really struggling with my under-eye concealer, and then she made a post, and she was talking about it. I was like getting it um. So I went to got this, and it is swirled it’s like a concealer that swirled with like an OLE a cream which is kind of nice. Because it’s like good for your under eyes. I like it. Because it covers, and it doesn’t settle into lines which is great. Because. I have a lot of them, and it stays really well throughout the day it looks really beautiful. And I can’t complain about it Sara is a blush, and you guys have seen me use this in both of my makeup tutorials recently, and it is millennia blush in luminous. So I mean this one’s beautiful. I have been addicted to coralista by benefit for a long time and, I’ve almost used up the one that. I have but. I really don’t want to spend thirty dollars on the full-size one. I just really don’t want to do it. So, I’ve been trying to find one that’s similar, and that wouldn’t be is expensive. And I think the is actually a really good one it is more coral, and a little tiny bit darker than coralista is which. I think is a good thing cut honestly coralista is a little too light like it’s light enough to work on me but if you go really even like two shades darker than me it starts looking a she.

So the is really good for a lot more skin tones, and it works on my skin tones obviously. Because, I’ll very fair, and it works on me. So I really love this, and my final makeup favorite is the lorac Pro palette when you guys have also seen me use that in all my tutorials but seriously. I love this thing like there’s nothing you can’t do with this it’s great for all skin tones it’s great for just about anything you need to do unless you won’t look a colorful look then you’re kind of in trouble. I really love the formulation of these eye shadows. I know that Emily Noel has mentioned that they’re a little powdery for her that’s actually not something that bothers me they are a tiny bit powdery but. I don’t feel like it’s too much what. I really love about them is how they look on the lids. Because. I feel like on the lids it looks. So much better especially the shimmery colors. Because Urban Decay’s shimmery colors to make my lids look a little creepy like they show all those little lines that you might have whereas these somehow don’t. I don’t know how but they don’t and. So I just really prefer how these look. I love how they blend it with how they wait. I don’t have anything negative to say about it like literally. I don’t have anything negative to say which is a big deal. Because. I can usually find something wrong with the product. So I really love this. I really recommend it to any of you guys who might be looking for a neutral palette. I definitely use it more than either of my naked palettes which. I didn’t ever think. I would say but it is really just a great option it’s a little bit on the pricey side but to get as many eye shadows as you do for the one price tag, and have them all in one place. I think it’s worth it finally. I wanted to do a person favorite like my favorite beauty youtuber this month my first one would be crystal limb. I think that’s her my blogging she’s a fashion girl. I love the way that she styles things with she put things together. I love um just her general like attitude, and how she presents herself she just seems. So sweet and. So personable, and she’s.

So talented, and shows us such good ideas. I really recommend that you check out her posts. I just love them, and she had her whole wedding series that was going on at the same time that. I was working on my wedding. And I like was addicted to her Channel. So my other beauty guru figure has to be rachhloves. I met her in LA when. I went for Imax, and to film on the little style haul shoot that. I was a part of, and she is. So sweet, and funny. And I just had a fun time being around her and. So I wanted to mention her on here. I really loved her posts she does makeup, and some fashion posts some lifestyle posts, and she like every couple months does like a hair tutorial, and whenever she does a hair tutorial she knocks it out of the park like no joke she’s great, and she has like really fine kind of thinner hair. So those of you guys who have that hair type would really benefit from those posts um. And I think everybody can benefit from her beauty posts especially those of us who are on the Ferris. I. Because she’s also kind of fear like. I am, and just generally. I love her posts can you tell you. So I feel like this post has already been ridiculously long. So, I’ll going to go now but if you have any recommendations for drugstore hair products like shampoos conditioners styling products anything please tell me in the comments. Because. I really want to use more drugstore products in my posts but. I don’t know what to try. And I don’t. I just go out, and spend my money randomly. I really want to go out, and buy things that other people have loved, and think are good. So if you guys have any ideas for me anything that you love, and a try from the drugstore that you think is awesome let me know in the comments below. So I can check that out, and hopefully start using some of that in my posts in the future that’s it. I will see you guys in my next post what fine like a beauty girl you are just stick my finger in lip gloss that’s why you don’t do Luke bus watches Abbey it texting my husband genius decided to put white font over a clear background thereby making it impossible to read or hair products from the drugstore please leave them for me in the description box. Because are not the description box in the comments you yeah description box no comments dang it okay. So far my favorite for my favorite monkey.

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