February Makeup & Beauty Favorites Make It Or Break It Monday

Our last make-it-or-break-it Monday of have you Harry, I’ll going to go ahead, and just do my heavy weary favorites, and let you guys know what. I was loving this month. I think we have a couple cool things to talk about. So that being said let’s just go ahead, and get started starting off with hair stuff. I have these logy products that. I have really fallen in love with. I have the moisturizing conditioner which, I’ve talked about before, and then. I have the volumizing shampoo which. I just bought this month these are also both um sulfate free parable free, and silicone free they’re also free of dyes artificial fragrances, and there is no animal testing, and the bottle is made from one hundred percent post-consumer material. So that’s awesome the only caveat that. I have to add to the is that this has mild sulfates in it. I don’t really have time to go into this in this post but there are basically the camp of really bad sulfates that are harmful, and irritating, and can be toxic or considered by some people to be toxic, and then you have on the other side of the fence then you have like the miles nice non-harmful non-toxic sulfates, and that’s what’s in here.

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If you read the ingredients, and you get confused that’s why it says it’s all fake fruit. Because it’s bad sulfate free. So I don’t have a problem using it but you know of course use your own discretion you can always read in Google the ingredients in a shampoo, and make sure that you’re okay with it but anyway these retail at Walgreens. I really like them, and that is basically all. I have to say for my second when you guys have already seen this quite a bit this month when is the LOreal Paris sleek it iron straight heat spray, I’ve already done a whole make-it-or-break-it Monday on this one. So if you want an us review you can look there just overall it’s been my favorite he protected from the drugstore that, I’ve tried recently, I’ll just. Because. I like the softness city is my hair, and the shine that it gives my hair. I find that it works really well. And I like the way that the product dispenses. Because it doesn’t end up making like certain parts of your hair wetter than others it’s a very even distribution. So yeah really like this one better huge favorite for February was bronze eyeliner. And I started wearing them on my waterline whichever one the lower one is. And I always forget it like when the camera is on and, I’ll reporting which is embarrassing. Because, I’ll a beauty girl anyway, I’ve been wearing it on the waterline, and then somewhat underneath. Because. I don’t really like to wear black right there. Because they closes my eye off too much but this adds just the right of shading to where. I have some shadow there. And I have some dimension there but it’s not. So harsh as wearing like a black eyeliner the is also just a great universal color for basically any eye color it’s going to bring out whatever Hughes you have in your eyes it will definitely bring out blue, and green but it will also bring out a lot of the warmth, and brown eyes. So overall it’s a really great color to try and. So I just like it for a nice like simple very subtle kind of lining on my lower lid it’s been perfect now, I’ll usually an all-or-nothing kind of makeup girl. I either have like everything on or nothing on when it comes to makeup but sometimes, I’ll in the middle sometimes. I like to just put on a little bit of makeup, and what. I do that, I’ve been going for this product is the LOreal visible lift CC concealer, and the is amazing it’s for your under eyes, and it’s a little roller ball, and basically it has both like. I think any way that it has a little bit of like a serum, and concealer mixing together it feels really good when you apply it. Because it’s got a really cool metal tip.

So the cooling effect on your under eyes is very nice the concealer also works really well. So it’s a great on-the-go kind of application, and product it’s something that you can use in just a couple minutes, and get really great coverage from it. So if you’re not somebody that likes to wear a lot of makeup or you find that you’re often in a hurry or you just want to get those under ice-covered quickly it’s perfect like. I really enjoy it and, I’ll pretty picky but under eye products. So I think that it’s fantastic listing this one in both of my makeup tutorials this month the is a Knicks mosaic powder, and dare. I love this blush it’s really pretty it’s very similar to benefits rocket or it’s just a little bit warmer but it’s very pretty very easy to wear it does have a subtle shimmer to it. I don’t think it’s anything that’s too over-the-top but it’s just enough to kind of give you a nice do a healthy skin look while, I’ll parting a great color to your cheeks. I think it’s a really good color for a lot of different skin tones as well clearly it works on be right fair skin but. I think it would work all the way up to medium skin. I think it would work really well on those, and like. I said it’s just a beautiful easy to wear color the flush is just enough pigmentation to it that you can just throw it on, and go. So you don’t have to worry about over applying or under applying, and it lasts pretty well throughout the day, I’ve been a huge fan of this blush this month. So now. I have nail polish tributes to tell you about their both by formula x for sphere the first one is love chemistry. I have worn this one. I wore it all through December, and halfway through January it was on my nails all the time just in different forms. I love this it’s a gold glitter base, and then it has different sizes of very lightly blush pink glitters in it, and that sounds like it wouldn’t work but it totally does like it. I always loved gold glitter gold glitter is what. I like my favorite kind of nail polishes to wear but the is by far my favorite one that. I own. And I just yes you have to check it out. Because it’s amazing next one. I have on my nails right now the is catalyst. And I got turned on to this one by makeup by Tiffany D she’s hauled this. And I saw it on her post. And I was like that looks way too beautiful for me to not own that the royal blue, and it also has different colors or many different sizes of glitter in it. I we’re both of these over other colors just to make them more opaque these glitters our family opaque on their own they go on fairly well underneath this one that, I’ll wearing right now. I just have a royal blue on the up wash right underneath it, and then. I have one coat of this on top of it.

So you can see just from how my nails look but the is very opaque. I just like to put a kind of solid color underneath it to make these colors pop just a little bit more but overall the where time on these is wonderful the color selection that they have in store is amazing like seriously every time. I see these. I want to go away with like of them. Because, I’ve been using. So much glitter nail polish. I have been loving the julep party’s over a glitter removal nail polish kit, and this basically has replaced my old method which was the aluminum foil method is. I was buying my um January box from julep, and this was an add-on. And I was like well if that works that will be awesome. So I decided to try it out. And I love it comes with on these little, I’ll going to call them finger hats, and basically they do the same thing that the aluminum foil does they’re just a lot neater. So you get your finger nail removal stuff that you want whether it’s a cotton ball or a pad or whatever, and you know get it soaked in a nail polish remover, and then you take the little finger hat, and you squeeze it. So that it opens up, and then you stick your finger with the nail polish removal stuff on top of it into it, and it kind of clamps down it’s very comfortable but it definitely holds it tightly. And I holds whatever it is against your nail polish. So that it can soap on there long enough to kind of dissolve everything, and then you can just pull it off, and it’s all gone. So it’s really easy to use it’s meant to be used with the julep clean slate nail polish removal tabs they are very thin, and they come like pre-soaked. I definitely use those. I actually have two boxes. I have them right here, and right here um. Because. I bought them whenever they were on sale during Holy but if you don’t have those you could also use this with cotton balls. I just use really cheap cotton balls unlike the CVS brand ones. Because they’re smaller than the more expensive ones and. So they fit into these little finger hats very easily yes. I think it really works especially if you are a glitter nail polish catholic like. I am it’s a good to gab, and the is extremely random, and not sponsored whatsoever. I went out, and bought these on Amazon. Because they were super cheap there are steering pods, and you’ve probably if you watch a lot of you tubers you’ve seen them before they basically just clip on to hear they have some little packet in here that releases like germ-killing stuff which is nice basically for me we have like our sink with our toothbrushes, and toiletries, and stuff is far too near or toilet for comfort. So I decided to get these just for sanitary purposes um. So I like that it clips on it at least like physically protects my shoes brush, and it’s good that it has the little germ-killing stuff inside of it. Because. I also really like that. I used to have a toothbrush sanitizer but. I kept dying all the time. So I finally just gave up on it. So hopefully these will do a lot better or will work better for me it’s also great for travel too if you like me are perturbed by how close your toothbrushes are to your toilet it’s a good option sorry to be a little gross but let’s be really all these are concerns that we have to think about. So that’s it guys. I hope you guys have enjoyed this. I will see you guys tomorrow with my next post bye.

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