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Hey Everyone Abbey here. So today, I’ll starting out my prom series with this really feminine side bun up to my little sister Anna is modeling for me today. And I just thought it was really pretty really feminine for those of you guys who wanted that look. So let’s go ahead, and get started we’re going to begin by making a ponytail first make sure that your hair is parted to one side, and then separate the hair that’s just above the ears all the way around this here we’re actually going to mess with, and give it a little bit of teasing to make sure it looks nice, and full, and pretty when we pull it back. So just go ahead, and secure that out of the way, and then we’re going to place the remaining hair, and Sue a ponytail now what this does first of all it gives us less hair to have to pin, and work with which is great but it also provides an anchor for the bobby pins to hold into that way your bobby pins aren’t floating around in the hair but they’re actually secured to something.

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So make sure that that’s nice, and smooth, and you don’t have any little hairs flying around, and then secure it with a small elastic once you have that done make sure that the hair is not pulled back too tightly that would absolutely destroy this hairstyle. Because it would make this tight look. So make sure that you could have had this little drooping affect that, and this has. So not. So loose that it’s going to fall out but not. So tight that it looks glued down then go ahead, and give it a tiny bit of spray. Because we’re done with this area, and you want to make sure there’s no little flyaway now we’re going to make a bump, and now this can be as big or as little as you want, and a loves volume in her hair. So I took three little sections on top, and just teased them back and, I’ll using a little wonder teasing brush here. I are from Anna teasing brush at least similar to this. Because it really is versatile you can use it kind of on the corner like. I am. So really build in that tease but you’ll see me later, I’ll going to use it on the flat side, and just put a little bit of teasing in. So now what you want to do is to gently brush over the top of that bump just to smooth down any little hairs that might look a little silly, and then you want to go through the front, and just give a little tiny bit of teasing now, I’ll going to do a little bit more right here just to kind of graduate that bump. Because it’s. So big. So we’re putting a little bit of teasing right here, and then, I’ll going to go into the front, and basically just shape it the way that. I want it to look, and then you don’t have to tease this section if you don’t want to but what. I do.

I use the flat side of the brush, and give it the tiniest little bit. So that it nets those here two hairs together, and then you don’t end up with little hairs falling in your face throughout the night on this other side. Because it’s. So shallow, and needed some teasing as well. So that it wouldn’t look flat now this might seem like a lot but the is how. I bulk up the hair. And I make it look a lot fuller than it is, and it is a really important step. Because if you skip it the hairstyle can look just a little bit droopy in general which is not cute now we’re going to twist, and pin that start on the side with the least amount of hair, and kind of gather that give it a little spray, and smooth it with your hand to make sure that there’s no flyaway, and then just twist it a couple of times kind of toward the ceiling, and then you’re actually going to pin it in place just about right there right in the back center of the head. And I just pinned right into the twist. And I did two bobby pins criss-crossing together to hold it in place, and now we’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side make sure you like the shape that that’s making in front you wanna make sure that it’s covering the ears. Because nobody likes their ear sticking out, and then just twist it nicely, and if you have short hair twist that on top of the one that we just twisted if you have long hair like Anna’s kind of tuck it underneath the tail of the one that we just twisted, and then pin it in place, and again spray to make sure that you don’t end up with any little flyaway, and now we’re going to make a braided bun.

So take that hair that’s in the ponytail, and just braid it into a really loose braid especially if you have finer hair you want to make sure the is as loose as you can go, and go ahead, and give the hair a little bit of hairspray before. Because again that’s going to help you not have little flyaway sticking out everywhere you don’t want to like saturate it with hairspray but just missed it a little b it helps a lot, and once you get to the end of this you’re just going to secure it with a little elastic to go ahead, and hold it in place now if you have really long hair like Anna’s you’re going to want to get those into the twists out of the way. So you can just put them on top of the head, and clip them down, and then we’re going to twist this braid into a button. So basically do your first little twist, and make sure this position right up against that front section of hair that we twisted back. Because that makes a really pretty shape, and we’ll also make sure that it’s visible from the front, and then with Anna’s hair. I looped it into a bun, and then actually pulled the end through the middle like a little half knot. Because she had a lot of hair but if you have less hair just twisted into a normal button, and put it in place again try to keep it as loose, and baked as you can now with the remaining hair you’re going to pull it all to one side, and give it a little tiny twist right there at the corner, and then braid the rest, and again you’re going to braid this as loosely as possible you want this to just drink a little bit now if you have shorter hair you’re basically just going to if it’s really short just wrap it against the edge of the bun, and kind of tuck the ends in it f it in place or if it’s just a little bit shorter, and you might have three or four inches of rating then just do what. I did, and then secure what you can against the end of the bun, and put it into place, and that’s it now. I might seem a little tricky but just go back to the basics it’s just a ponytail a bump, and then a twist a braided bun, and then you just align the ends around the bun however works with your hair link, and then you can add a little accessory if you want. So that’s it guys make sure to check out my previous post, and then check back later this week for another prompt tutorial.

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