Feminine Twist on a French Twist

Today. I have this little twist on the fridge twist which. I think is a fun little hairstyle. I think is really cool for like the office or something like that where you want to look a little bit more put together or even like if it’s a garden party or something like that where you just want to look really feminine. I think it’s really good. Because it’s very much reminiscent of a French twist but it’s not quite as. I don’t know mature feeling us with French twist usually it’s me they just seem a little bit old. So I like this one. Because it’s just a little bit younger it’s a little bit new where it’s just something fun to try um. I don’t really know how the is going to go over.

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I don’t know how many you guys are going to like it but. I like it. And I think it’s fun. So I hope you guys like it let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to check back later this week for more posts alright well bye we’re going to start off by making a Dutch braid down the center back of our head now you can do this at whatever height you want for me. I did it a little bit lower down but if you want this braid to hit you a little bit higher to start the braid a little bit higher, and it’s going to be a Dutch braid if you don’t know how to do that, I’ll link my braids encyclopedia post for you guys just. So you can check that out, and basically you’re going to braid with a medium level of tension you don’t want it to be really tight but you don’t want it to be really loose either. So just make sure that you’re getting the hair nicely back into that braid but don’t pull it too hard once you reach the end of your hair you’re just going to go ahead, and braid normally, and then secure that with a small band now for the top of this if you want some volume to have a little bump at the top of your hairstyle you can actually tease it before you start I’ll.

So if you’re somebody that would like really kind of retro madman look you could try that next we’re going to align the braid up against the Dutch braid, and then if your hair is long like me, and you have this little extra tail go ahead, and tuck that between the two braids. So that we can get that out of the way, and then you’re just going to pull the Dutch braid over top of the normal braid it’s really easy. I took it a little bit slowly. So I could make sure to wrap it over really nice basically you just push the one braid under the other it’s really not that hard it doesn’t pull on your hair or anything as long as you didn’t braids you tight that is, and it just pulls over, and makes that cool shape, and then you go ahead, and put it into place make sure that you position the braid. So that it’s facing sideways and. So these can still see it you don’t want to pull it. So far over that you don’t see the braid anymore but. I only had to pin it at the top the bottom in the middle, and it held really securely with just three bobby pins, and that’s it. I do like this. I think it’s fun, and different. I like how on the one side it looks like a rope braid on the other side you see the braid. I just think that’s kind of cool. I know this might not be everybody’s cup of tea but. I hope some of you guys did like this here’s our other posts to check out if you like this. And I think that’s it. I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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