Figure 8 Braid Updo Double Starburst Hairstyles

Hi everyone, I’m Katie. And I’m Charlie. And we’re with Abella’s Braids. We’re so excited to be back to show you another style. Please be sure to give us a big thumbs up and if you haven’t already, comment to Hairstyles. Please do so now with this link below. Thank you so much. Start out with your hair parted down the middle. I put it in pigtails to show you this step. So on half the hair, you’re going to want to take, I’m gonna explain this the best I can. You’re gonna wanna take the middle section out and put it in a ponytail.

Figure 8 Braid Updo Double Starburst Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So you want about an inch of hair all the way around the hairline to be left out. And then repeat that on the other side. I’m going to go ahead and clip this hair out of the way. So it doesn’t get in my next sectioning that I’m trying to do. You have a rubber band? Okay, I’m gonna start in the corner right here, and take a slanted part back to where we took the hair out. And I’m going to start a french braid. I’m gonna add hair in from this side to here, and I’m going to add hair in from the ponytail to this side. So my first one, it’s a nice small piece. Up to here. And then my next piece is gonna cross over. And I’m gonna take a slice from here. Now your goal is to go up and over and then we’re gonna alternate sides. So just keep adding hair until you run all the way to the part over here. Once I reach here, I’m going to start adding hair in and flip this over. This is all the hair from the part on this way. Okay, now I’m gonna take this out. And I’m going to start adding hair from about here, about from where this braid sits, so here. And now I’m gonna be adding hair in from this ponytail instead of this one.

As you reach the part over here, you should be done with all of this hair. Now once I hit where I left off over here, I’m gonna pick up these hairs. And then again, I’m gonna switch over to picking up the middle hairs from this side. ‘Kay, so you definitely have to work your angles. You’re gonna have to move your body around to get around their head in this figure eight. Okay, once you’ve run out of hair, just braid to the ends. And since I only have a tiny bit of hair left, I’m just gonna tease the ends to secure it. Alright, so now that we’ve finished, I’m going to, I’m gonna kinda roll this up just so it’ll fit in nicely. Or bend it in half. And I’m just gonna take my last section that I crossed over and I’m just gonna stuff all this in here. And let it kinda go around in the circle. There’s she has kind of a lot of hair left. And then just give it a little couple little pins to secure it, so that it doesn’t come undone. Okay, and this is definitely a style you’re gonna wanna finish off with hairspray, so that it does not come undone. Go ahead and give us a spin, Charlie, and let’s see what the hairstyle looks like. Thank you so much for watching, everyone. We really hope you like it. This is really great princess style. Do you feel like a princess? Yeah. Great style for a special occasion or just to feel like a princess. So please make sure to give us a big thumbs up. comment to Hairstyles with this button here. If you wanna see more of our posts, up here, and more of Hairstyles, down here. Thanks guys, see you next time! [Both] Bye! Ah! Ah!.

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