The Fire & Ice Body Treatment

The look FISHTAILS THE WAIST CINCHER For the bride who wants to feel confident about her curves, The Fire And Ice Treatment (from £2,500) promises to hone that coveted hourglass silhouette. It’s essentially two treatments in one: love handles or belly bulges are frozen into submission with CoolSculpting cryolipolysis, a process that destroys fat cells so they are gradually flushed out through the body.

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There can be some slight discomfort as the CoolSculpt grips excess flesh, and the area can feel numb for a few weeks after. Clinical studies have shown CoolSculpt can reduce fat layers by about 30%, but it can take up to two months to see the full effect.

To avoid post-procedure puckering, patients are called back to the clinic two weeks later for eight weekly sessions of Venus Legacy (an extra £2,000), a fairly hot radio-frequency device that’s run across slack skin to improve tone. It’s important to manage expectations – this treatment works well to shave off smaller pockets of fat, but is not a cure for someone more severely overweight. WHO TO SEE In-house specialists at the Prager Cosmetic Clinic, London (020 7323 3660;

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